Sunday, 6 February 2011

Pastry, stitcheries and some Boobs

Yesterday was the birthday of our national poet J L Runeberg (1804 - 1877), and we get to eat his favourite pastry. Yum!

I have been stitching the Raggedy  & Friends January blocks with golf and snooker on the TV, a perfect combination as those sports are not loud and noisy. Today I made the first nine blocks to rows:

This is a detail of the block 7:

and 8:

and 9:

Three big blocks still to come, and the top will be finished in May, I hope. Kaaren of The Painted Quilt has designed the quilt.

Do you remember Mrs. Moen's Boob appeal for breast cancer patients?

make boobs for the make a boob project

I have finally picked up a CD disc and some test blocks and other scraps, and made six Boobs for Mrs. Moen's project. They are plain ones and treasured ones for her workshops, where they will be decorated with lace and ribbons and threads, beads and all kinds of lovely stuff you can also send for this project by the end of March. This lot will be mailed tomorrow. If you are interested, just follow the links and you will find instructions how to make the Boobs and where to send them.

The Boobs will end up at the Make a Boob Art exhibition at the end of the year, or the participants may keep the boob they decorated at the workshop.


  1. You know you're special when a pastry is named after you. Your raggedy quilt is so cute--love the warm colors. I usually hand sew while the tv is on. It's a good background noise.

  2. Mmmm....that pastry looks delicious, and your quilt, too!

  3. Wow, celebrating a poet's birthday. How special is that! And the pastry looks yummie!
    Your Raggedy and Friends is turning out beautifully!
    And thanks for reminding me of those boobs! Better get started this week.

  4. Well I must say, Ulla...your post title peaked my interest...especially the boob part. *wink*

    Your Raggedy & Friends quilt is really coming along beautifully. That you for doing it GREAT justice!

    Your famous poet's dessert looks very yummy. Is he more well know for his poetry or the dessert? Tee hee.

  5. What a sweet and adorable quilt!

  6. Yes! Ulla,
    I love your boobs, and that you are willing to share the info to make them. It's a good cause. Keep up the good work!

  7. what a good excuse to eat pastry, wish we had one like that.
    your Raggedy & Friends quilt looks very gentle, lots of scraps there i can see. k.

  8. Well done for supporting another good cause Ulla. You are a marvel.

    Your Anne quilt is looking really good.

    OOO delish looking pastry/cake. Perfect with a cup of tea.

  9. You seem to be having fun making the quilt. I'm sure the boobs will be put to good use at the workshop.
    Just a question - what is the pastry? I have not seen it before.

  10. Ah, I checked the link for the pastry. Have you got the recipe or did you purchase it?

  11. Adorable quilt, Ulla! And the pastry looks delicious :)

  12. Your Raggedy Ann quilt is comming along very nicely ;-) Your stitchery are wonderful and love the A.. Not much going on here either but I have started on Tiny Town, a quilt I am doing with Melanie. I started this quilt because I needed something that will take me a while to make..
    Have fun!

  13. All good things sweet food and lovable quilt and supportive sticherie. Hooray
    Ulla thank you for joining me folloers list Terry

  14. Yummy pastry - and I love the runner it sits on ;>)! Your stitching is coming along beautifully, Ulla! I can't wait to see the finished quilt! And what fun Boobs - it will be great to see the exhibition!

  15. Lovely patchwork and for a great cause. What a wonderful tradition of celebrating your poet.

  16. Wunderbar, dass ich durch diesen Post auch von der "Boobs-Aktion" erfahren habe. Werde nun auch einige nähen...und damit wieder etwas Stoffvorrat verkleinern :-) !!
    Bei uns wechselt Winterwetter mit frühlingshaften Temperaturen ab. Aber nächste Woche ist wiederum sehr kalt (allerdings nicht ganz sooo kalt wie bei euch in Finnland)....laut Wetterprognose, also ideales Nähwetter ;-) !!
    Liebe Grüsse,


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