Saturday 19 February 2011

What have I done while I missed class

On Thursday night I didn't go to my sewing class, and my teacher Anne said she will keep an eye on my doings here on my blog, as next week is the school's winter holiday and we can't have our class. I bet she doesn't control everyone's absences like this, but I have been in her class for several years already, and hardly ever absent. And I have reason to believe she was joking, but here it comes. First the 5 socks I have knitted, the tiny one is for a Unicef doll. I have started knitting a third pair of normal size socks and will use the rest of the yarn for the dolls' socks.

Then some strip cutting on Thursday ...

... to make a new lot of QAYG blocks for Oz Comfort Quilts.

I have bought 1.5 yards of lovely  fabrics from Sew Fabulous, it arrived on Thursday:

I think I have made space for some new fabrics in my stash, so this is to fill the gap (gap?) and "just because it was lovely".

I have also worked on the everlasting wall hanging project, adding some shoes in the lowest part, and batting and backing for the first panel:

and the two first shoes for the second panel. There will be five panels in all, so I know I'm far behind my schedule. My original plan was to finish the whole thing by the end on 2010, but sometimes projects just don't happen as planned. These shoes still need the satin stitch which I will add as soon as the other shoes are ironed on.

I have also received some lovely mail this week. First from Candace a handmade fabric Valentine's Day card with some chocolates for Mr. K and me (we had some for dessert before I took the picture!).

Sweet Houseelf sent a cupcake mug mat  (free pattern by Stephanie can be found here) for her housewarming guests, and for me she added some plant dyed embroidery threads and what looks like handmade buttons. We have a Bag Club with her and Suzie and Simone, and I think the buttons will be used in one of the bag I'm going to sew with them later this year.

The weather keeps staying on the very cold side of the thermometer, and on the coldest days the little birds may save their energy and not fly to our restaurant. This was the newest cold record at our place -29.5 C or -21.1 F on Friday morning. We now light the fire also in the morning to keep the house comfortable. The sun works wonders: during the day the temperature can be nearly 20 C higher, around the very comfortable -10 C to - 15 C. That feels very OK after a long period of colder days. 

From other blogs I have read about signs of spring, and it sounds a little comforting. The only sign of spring here is the increasing amount of light, and I think without it the winter would seem too long.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. you've been staying warm by being busy, it's all lovely especially the edible parts.
    and our days are getting shorter, cheerio, k.

  2. Love the polka dots in your string blocks. Your little shoes are the cutest! I think you deserve some delicious fabric...especially with all that cold weather you're having.

  3. Looks like you have been staying warm and keeping VERY busy!! You get an A+ from this teacher!! haha Love your little socks and the string quilt is lovely!!
    Take care and hope Spring comes quickly!!

  4. Some lovely projects you have been working on! And I am glad you were able to fill the gap you had in your stash with such yummie fabrics!!!
    I can hardly imagine, the cold you must be feeling. I hope signs of Spring are with you soon!
    Have a lovely week.

  5. What lovely surprises in the mail. I do love the knitted socks. I have noticed that the sock yarn these days is very colourful. Spring is on it's way but that's next month...

  6. Burrr the socks will help to keep you warm. The QAYG blocks will be appreciated and spce for new fabric is always great.
    Yummy cupcakes in all forms.

  7. Well you certainly used your time by not being in class well! I love all your projects, Ulla - the house quilt is coming along nicely! We have been watching on Yahoo weather how cold it is there! I'm glad you at least have a little more daylight!

  8. Just stopped by to say hello Ulla! I hope that Spring comes soon....

  9. What yummy fabric. I hope that Spring arrives for you soon. -29.5 is far too cold! Your sock making looks great- a lovely use of time.

    Well done for getting the first panel done. Good luck with the next one. Love the blue shoes. There was a rhyme in a children's book:
    "Two shoes new shoes
    bright shiney blue shoes."

    Great strip work to help others.


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