Monday, 8 August 2011

Bag Club strikes again

After having made our own versions of the Mary Jane bag pattern Stephanie from Loft Creations so generously sent us in June, we decided to order a new pattern from her and make a different bag each for our next project. In fact we are gathering strength to start a demanding project from The Bag Making Bible for the Autumn, and wanted to relax with a well written, easy pattern during the Summer.  "We" are the unofficial European Bag club, Bag Ladies: Simone (now an official Supreme for Stephanie's patterns), Melanie and I.

I decided to make the sweet little Hailee Bag, as I had bought some giant rick rack a long time ago and wanted to finally use it. Within two hours from ordering I had the pattern downloaded and printed, in spite of the time difference.

To my stash I went, and in honour of Stephanie I wanted to use polka dots. Mine are naturally brown; the brown on white from a piece of farbric from my sister P, and the bigger dots on brown are from a sleeve I had from my mother's stash. I don't know what happened to the rest of the dress, but I was happy to have the sleeve. Maybe she cut two left sleeves at first? It was a short one, so I made a seam in the bottom middle of the strips.

The solid dark brown is from the last one of Mr. K's slimmed shirts with long pointed collars from the 70's, and the lighter brown is a scrap from a charity shop.

The lining is from my father's shirt, and the biggest remnant of the dotty sleeve made a tiny pocket for keys or lipstick. Just my style: recycled fabrics all from my stash, nothing needed to be bought.

My sister Maija was here on a short holiday and she liked the bag so much that I gave it to her. The sleeve could have been from her dress, these are her colours as well as mine. This was a fun little bag, very easy to make. The fabrics make all the difference: If you look at Stephanie's Hailee Bags, they are sweet as candy, and my bag could make you think about coffee and cappuccino!

I wonder what Simone and Melanie have put together. Will there be a West Linn bag? It was the first of Stephanie's patterns I used after I won it and a charm pack from her giveaway in 2009.

I used unbleached linen for the solid colour. This is a very practical bag.

Maybe they are fond of Dresden plates and made a Ladyfingers bag? Some day I'm going to make one for myself using my father's old ties for the fingers. This one was a Christmas gift to DS1's girlfriend last Christmas.

They will not be making a Modern Mary Jane, as this was the bag we all just made in June. I can carry my A4 papers in this along with a smaller folder, notebook, tissue pouch, make-up pouch and wallet.

There is of course the Loft Tote, like this one I got from Candace for my birthday in the Spring. She is also a Supreme pattern tester.

This is a perfect bag for someone who needs to carry more than a wallet and keys in her handbag. Like me. It is deep enough to keep my things safe and there is room for some shopping as well. I think Stephanie has designed a bag for every lady, and it is easy to add pockets and details if you feel like it. If you pop over to Simone in Holland and Melanie in England you will see more of Stephanie's (Ohio, USA) bags in different styles. They will be showing their newest bags today too. These patterns and some more by Stephanie are available from Loft Creations in PDF form and you can get them today, if you want to try making one of these bags.


  1. What a beautiful Hailee Bag!!! Great fabrics and how fun that you made it with polka dots. Love the idea of using Mr. K's shirt!!! And so many beautiful versions of Stephanie's other patterns. I look forward to see your father's old-ties-bag.
    I have almost finished my bag for our European Bag Club! Will post it later (o:

  2. I love the classic look of the Hailee bag you put together. I have just finished the blog post showing my choice. It was so much fun to make, and as usual with Stephanie no mistakes in the pattern and little bits like how many charms as well as how much fabric, so you know all your options based on stash. They are a joy to make compared to some patterns.

    I've added the others I've made for a full Stephanie experience too. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Hailee is rich and delicious. Of course I love the polka dots and she's so pretty in the chocolate and cappuccino. This is such a nice blog post. Thank you. I'm so glad you've enjoyed my patterns. I think you're sending me business too! :o)

  4. You ladies really are on a roll with your bag making. It's nice to see them in the different fabrics.

  5. This is the kind of bag lady I strive to be, Ulla (wink)! I love the ode to polka dots for Stephanie and how you recycled so many fabrics! It really is gorgeous!

  6. Looks like you are pretty busy Ulla.. I absolutely love your Hailee bag.. I have this patter too and have plans to make this one but I have too many unfinished projects right now..

  7. Hello Ulla,

    Your bag is beautiful, just love the big brown ric-rac, very effective.
    Happy days.

  8. Hei Ulla, toinen toistaan kauniimpia laukkuja. Nyt kyllä minunkin pitää käydä Stephanien kaupassa;) Olen yrittänyt metsästää jättiJUMBO ricracia jo jonkin aikaa, mutta en ole löytänyt. Tietäisitkö, mistä sitä voi hankkia?

  9. Golly! Some Bag Collection! I love the brown one at the top you gave your sister, as well as the giant rick rack on it!
    (Did you ever read the 'Borrower' books by Mary Norton- that's what giant things always remind me of!)
    And I really like the folk look of the bag you made from unbleached linen, the leaves are really pretty.
    And the Lady-fingers Bag? I haven't seen that use for a Dresden plate and I really like it...I might have to experiment with that pattern!!!

  10. A beautiful Bunch of Bags. The vintage brown spot with the giant rick rack is great. Nice memories.

    Hope it's warm at your house. Have a good weekend.


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