Tuesday, 16 August 2011

More wilderness

Today's post is concentrating on the holiday photos only. Mr. K was fly-fishing on the shore:

His fishing line is floating on the water and the fly goes with the water downstream.

His friend was fishing from the boat on the lake above us.

Mr. K caught a beautiful trout. We had surprise visitors, two elderly German gentlemen, who had canoed for ten days downstream, starting from the Russian border. They wanted to check the rapid and decide if it was safe to paddle down or should they take their canoe down with ropes. Ropes it was, as they didn't want to get their tent and baggage wet for the last days of their journey. Mr. K asked if they could use a trout, and they were happy to accept the offer for a nice dinner on that cold day.

We had rainbow trouts for lunch, this time opened flat and smoked for 35 minutes.

Between the rain showers and constant rain we had moments of sunshine.

The lingonberries were on their way getting red and ready to be picked.

Some of the bilberry (artcic blueberry) leaves were already changing colour for Autumn. While I was washing up, the other lady picked bilberries for our morning oatmeal. All berries were already picked near the cabin, but she went deeper in the forest and found all we needed.

Here we made the coffee on open fire and had our meals whenever there was enough light.

Sunset over the lake after a rainy day.

Mist on the lake.

I miss the quiet peace of this place already.


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful vacation pictures. That is really living with nature. Amazing!

  2. Such serene photos of the lake. Certainly a place to get away from it all and forget about the cares of the world.

  3. So beautiful and peaceful!! What a wonderful corner of the world!! Thanks for sharing...

  4. MrK fishing and the mouth watering rainbow trout. I can see my father . A loving memory.
    The space looks perfect. So glad you had a good time.

  5. What a beautiful vacation setting!

  6. Yum fresh rainbow trout! Mr K must've been really pleased with all his fishing. What a wonderful way to truely get away from it all. I would sooner live there than in a city.

  7. Mr. K looks in fine form fishing from the shore! What a beautiful trout, too! How nice that the gentlemen also profited from his hard work! This is truly a beautiful place, Ulla! I can see why you go back many times!

  8. This place looks wonderful! And your photos of it are lovely!
    I always think that anything cooked over a fire in the open air tastes so much better than indoor cooking! But that's probably just because one is so hungry by the time its ready!

  9. Soooo schön, deine Bilder! Und irgendwie immer noch so vertraut, obwohl es schon viele, viele Jahre her ist, seit dem ich in Finnland war (aber einer unserer Söhne war in letzter Zeit mehrmals dort und hat ganz ähnliche Bilder heimgebracht, mit gegrilltem Fisch inklusive!). Du hast dich sicher gut erholen könnnen....hoffe ich!
    Liebe Grüsse

  10. It seems like you had a very relaxing and enjoyable time. I hope there wasn't too much rain.

  11. What beautiful pictures Ulla! I feel calm just looking at them. I'm glad you had a lovely time.


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