Monday, 15 August 2011

Holiday in the wilderness, & PIF gift

Last week Mr. K took me out to eat every day. We were on holiday in North Carelia at the same cabin as many years before, and our dining table was in the outdoor kitchen as usual. Here is the cabin, an old log drivers' cabin you can only reach by boat.

There were big changes from last year: we had electric light instead of gas light, there was even a lamp at the kitchen sink (only needed for making the evening tea before bed time, as I washed the dishes outdoors).

The bunk beds are on the other side of the room.

The electricity came from this solar panel.

I was trying to be a Coot Club photographer, but water birds were absent. I watched this little wagtail catching insects above the rapid, and tried to get a picture of the dozens and dozens of swallows flying up and down above the water with their peaks wide open, but they were way too fast for me to focus on.

The weather was good until the first night so we didn't get wet with our bags on the way there. We were prepared to the change in temperature and just dressed warmer every day.

Some fishing pictures will follow in the next post. When we arrived home for the weekend, a sweet surprise was in the mail on top of the bills:

Melanie had already sent her PIF gift to me! It was a beautiful pinwheel table runner in Summer colours. Tiny perfect pinwheels, and she told this was a stashbusting project for all her PIF ladies.

My hands have been busy with laundry only, but I hope to get back to the sewing later this week. There is still one PIF name missing on my list  as Melanie's PIF recipient, and another from my original PIF list from years back. This is your last chance to let me know you want to join. Next week I will decide on two charities to take those places and make something to them to pay forward to people who need a little gift showing that we still care.


  1. What a sweet and cheerful tablerunner. So glad you all had a ood time on your outing and sounds like you even got spoiled a little. Hugs, Mariefrend

  2. What an incredible place to be!!! And to only be able to reach it by boat. Away from everything. Great!
    Melanie's PIF is a sweet tablerunner!

  3. That would certainly be an adventure but also the cabin must be so peaceful and quiet. You can lay there at night listening to nature lull you to sleep. The PIF from Melanie is so cute.

  4. That looks like such a peaceful and relaxing place to visit.

  5. Beautiful tabelrunner from Melanie with lots great/ vibrant colours with white. That combination is always a winner.

  6. So glad you liked the little table runner.

    I could do with a little cabin like that to stay in from this evening onwards. We are all on tenterhooks about exam results due out tomorrow. It would be such an adventure getting to it and then just relaxing there. I hope you had a wonderful break.Love how the lights are solar powered.

  7. What a lovely setting, Ulla! Thank goodness for more reliable light as well! I would just love to sit in the peace and quiet there and watch the stars at night! Melanie made a most beautiful PIF gift!


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