Saturday 22 October 2011

Friends, Gifts and Dolls

Some time ago I received a gift from my dear friend Melanie. She was in Egypt earlier this year on holiday, and bought some beautiful handwoven cotton scarves there. After she made her lovely Helping Hands quilt, she sent pieces from all those scarves to each of us whose hands are shown on her quilt. As soon as I saw my new fabrics, I knew where to look for a pattern to use them and make something nice.

I have had this Kaffe Fasset book for a long time, and the handkerchief corner quilt on the cover has always pleased me. I'll show you the results later, the idea is just maturing now. Thank you, Melanie!

This week another dear friend sent me unexpected mail. This came from Simone:

Bicycles on the wrapping paper and the stamps (for Mr. K!) and the owl must be for me.

Inside was this cute little wallhanging for Halloween. Luckily I'm not afraid of spiders or ghosts. Thank you Simone! (Without my photo editing programme I can't turn the picture, so you'll have to tilt your head.) Simone is also one of the Helping Hands friends, and you can see what she did with her scarf  fabrics from Melanie if you scroll down her post in my link.

Finally a sneak peek at my dolls I'm making as Santa's little helper. They are my newest lot of "Anna ja Toivo" -dolls for Unicef. The names Anna and Toivo are also Finnish words and mean "give" and "hope". Very appropriate for dolls used to raise money for saving children's lives by giving them inoculations. Four pretty ones are at my sister's as I have outsourced the beautician's and hairdresser's services to her for the dolls going to her granddaughters.

Only one doll has a dress by now, but two dresses are in process and ideas for the other clothing are on paper. Everyone has at least undies, and they are sitting on the sofa near the fireplace so they are not cold. I think I'll knit some socks for them tonight.


  1. A terrific use for the scarves. Can't wait to see your idea come to life. Cute gift from Simone too. I have a niece who is named after my grandmother, Anna. :o) Your dolls look like they have much to say.

  2. What sweet dolls you have made!

  3. You are keeping busy with many different projects. Your Unicef dolls are so cute. Simone's Hallowe'en wall hanging is very nice and it will be interesting to see how you use the fabric for a Kaffe quilt.

  4. Very sweet dolls, and so lucky to be getting knit socks. Your Kaffe plan looks like a good one!

  5. yes socks would be good, dollies' ankles can get very cold. Mr K collects stamps does he? hmmm, i'll see if i can find some.

  6. I do like your dolls, one of my pleasures is making dolls too for various charity giving. How did you do their faces? good they all have undies.

  7. What lovely gifts, Ulla! You scarf project looks intriguing! The dolls are adorable - such perfect work! I'm so glad you have them in a warm spot - I'm sure they will all be grateful for the socks, too :>)

  8. Great items. I love the earth tones in the cotton scarves. The dolls are adorable.

  9. The doll faces are adorable Ulla! You have been very busy making so many for Christmas presents. I hope you have so much fun making their clothes.

    OO that looks like a brilliant use for the scarf pieces.

  10. Oo I forgot to say what a cute Halloween wallhanging!

  11. The match, the fabric with Fassett's book!
    So your DH collects stamps. Next time I will look for some prettier ones. They are difficult to find.
    The dolls are oh so sweet. And the hair of the four girlies must have been quite a lot of work! Sweet expressions. Do you make the undies separately? They really have beautiful eyes!!


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