Saturday 29 October 2011

New way to knit

In the past couple of weeks I have been learning a new way to knit. At the bookshop, I saw this book

and I was immediately fascinated by the idea of A) knitting two socks at a time and B) starting them at the toe. Before reading the book I could not imagine how on earth the two socks can be on one circular needle and still be knitted in the tube form, but it was not only possible but also quite fun. I followed the book's instructions and knitted a practice pair of baby socks in two colours so I could always tell which sock I was working on.

Naturally I forgot to take a picture of the beginning and the heel, but here you see my tiny socks on one needle.

The heel was no more difficult than the other way around, and I avoided the hole I usually get when I start knitting the foot part after the heel is half done. One more picture showing the finished (odd) pair:

Now I just need to have courage to start another pair in adult size and calculate where I need to start adding stitches for the heel. The book has several lovely patterns.

Autumn has changed to the darker side, and the day is already over 3 hours shorter than on the autumnal equinox about six weeks ago. The colourful leaves have fallen, but luckily we are still having some sunny days.

As you see, there is still some raking to do before the snow comes and finally covers everything mercifully for many months. Last year we had the first snow in mid October and permanent snow in early November. This Autumn has been unusually long, warm(ish) and beautiful. It is perfect time to start a knitting project and let the soft wool warm your fingers in the evenings.


  1. What a great idea to knit that way, Ulla! I've used circular needles before and I can see how that would be fun! Your baby socks look like they were knitted by a professional! Glad your fall is a bit warmer than last - it's always sad to see the last of the leaves fall.

  2. Wow!! Good for you...these are so cute and look so warm and cosy!!

  3. Clever. I do like odd sock pairs -- I've been known to wear two different ones at the same time. :o) How fun to be successful while learning something new.

  4. I should try that two-at-a-time method the next time I knit mittens. Then I would not have to count and recount to make sure the thumbs are starting in the same place.

  5. that's very clever, i have a pattern for two knitted at once also but it's double knit. good luck with your adult size ones.

  6. Missed some of your posts, I see now. I guess blogroll doesn't always work.
    Wow, how clever, knitting two sock at the same time and starting at the toe. You did a wonderful job. Good luck with your bigger pair (o:

  7. Ulla I need to do a catch up The dolls are cute and it sounds like they are also for a good cause.

    Crumb blocks look great looking forward to seeing them all together.

    The knitting looks beyond me. I have learned to knit sox on 2 circular needles BUT

    Like the project you have in mind for the scarfs. Lots to keep you busy on long nights. We are starting summer so lots of light and heat.
    Thanks for all your nice posts

  8. I love knitting socks! Actually, they're the only things I knit. I wonder if that book is available in English because I'm fascinated with the idea of knitting a pair at the same time and on circular needles.

    All you have to do now, Ulla is to repeat the process that you did in your practice round and you'll have two pairs!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hello, Ulla! Very nice to meet you this weekend via, Melanie! You have such a pretty blog. Your fiber art and quilting are beautiful. I am quite fascinated by this idea of knitting two socks at once, and have read about this technique. I lately found a pattern for knitting socks using a circular needle and wanting to try this, as I find it hard using multiple needles. So you can guess my winter project. ;o)

  10. Oh, das scheint wirklich eine spezielle und neue Art von Stricken zu sein. Kann mir gut vorstellen, dass es Spass gemacht hat. Ob man auf diese Weise wohl auch Pulswärmer (wird ja auch rund gestrickt) machen könnte? Ich werde mal Ausschau halten ob es das Buch auch auf Deutsch, Englisch oder Französisch gibt. Uebrigens, deine Puppen sind wirklich allerliebst...du bist sooo fleissig! Ich bin im Moment etwas "herbstmüde" und stricke bloss noch...den fünften Pulli für Afghanistan :-) !
    Sei lieb gegrüsst

  11. I like the fact that in the first 2 photos the socks are off white and black and then the last photo has them in shades of blue.
    Looks like you will be busy knitting up a pile of socks.

  12. I am looking forward to making socks this way. Always I have yarn left over and it would be good to be able to make the socks a little longer with it. Thanks for the book recommendation. The baby socks look cute. :-)

  13. I've bought a book like that, but did not try yet, seems it really works. Hope the sunny days will last a little longer.


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