Saturday 15 October 2011

PIF sent, and other news

Finally I have a working system on this borrowed laptop and can show you some of my recent doings. Some time ago I sent all my PIF gifts on their way, and they have now arrived at their destinations in Australia, Switzerland and Ireland. I made them all a little tote bag using Marimekko fabric, and a smaller bag for small things.

 Barbara and Heather both received the sets shown above, and Kaite, who signed in later, got a more colourful tote (because I had used my beige for the two others):


and a knitting needle holder as I happen to know she is a knitter.

The baby sweaters went to the Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia, to fulfill my earlier promise from 2008 to send three handmade gifts. At that time I only had two ladies to sign in for the first PIF I signed in.The Finnish Nuttu project has received nearly 50,000 baby sweaters for them in a few years, and it has spread to Switzerland as well, where the sweaters are sent to another place. I'm so happy Barbara decided to knit some sweaters too, and luckily we found a way she can join the project in her own country.

You can see here what Melanie sent me and her other PIF ladies. The pictures are at the end of the holiday post.

I had to use my photos as they came from the camera, I hope they don't take ages to upload when you read this.
I have been working on some Unicef dolls again, and on my crumble blocks, enjoying some lovely autumn days but also had rain and wind, even the first night frosts. A new post will follow soon! I hope to be able to visit you all now that the internet seems to allow me opening more than a few of them.


  1. I am glad you are back online. I have missed seeing your projects and hearing about your days.

  2. LOVE the beige fabrics you used, Ulla!! Lucky three PIF receivers (o:
    And such sweet sweaters for such a good project!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Happy to see you back in blogland, Ulla! Your gift recipients will al be so pleased - what wonderful and thoughtful items! The baby sweaters are so pretty and I'm sure will be most welcome, too! Sounds like you have many things to keep you busy inside now that the weather is changing!

  4. Beautiful bags for some lucky ladies. I can imagine how well received these sweet sweaters will be. Glad you are managing your borrowed computer.

  5. Glad you are back up and posting again, and no the photos did not takes ages to upload as Blogger managed to compress them.
    Thankyou again for the beautiful bags you sent to us here in Australia, the Marimekko fabric is very special.

  6. Wonderful PIF gifts Ulla... And it is good to have you back !!
    Take care and have fun ;-))

  7. Beautiful gifts, I love the fabrics, they are so unique. Your work makes many people happy.


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