Friday, 30 September 2011

Autumn bag and Stash use report for September

This week I have been suffering from a crushed down computer syndrome and the situation is still going on. Mr. K offered me his laptop so I have been able to read and send emails, but this poor thing is slow and constantly having internet troubles. Therefore I have not been able to visit your blogs. On the other hand, I have had more time with my sewing machine.

The Bag Club, Melanie, Simone and I, have been working on an Autumn bag. Melanie and I kept to the original plan of making a more complicated pattern from our book The Bag Making Bible, and Simone wanted to finish a big bag she had been working on. The Organiser Bag inludes details like a gusset, several interior pockets, a harness for a laptop, and an adjustable strap. These were all very clearly explained in the book and not too difficult to sew. The final touch was my big headache: the flap is closed by two twist-locks. Cutting the holes for the buttonhole metal parts was SCARY! The bag flap had many layers like exterior fabric, interfacing and lining and heavy interlining , and I had to be so careful not to cut the hole too big. Next time will be easier. Melanie can tell, as she has already made two of these bags. You can get to her blog from the link Houseelf Doings in my sidebar, she has great pictures of her bags there, and more.

Here is my bag:

There should be a picture but I'm not sure whether you can see it. I'll download it again later when/if the good computer will be good again. Anyway, the exterior fabric is from linen curtains from my childhood, and the bag front is an upholstery fabric. The lining is a brown fabric handed down to me from someone in the family. This makes the bag made completely from stash. For my statistics I estimate I have used about 1.3 m fabrics in all for this (exterior and lining). Other September sewings took 0.8 m for the last PIF gifts I made for Kaite, who signed in later, and some other minor projects.The gifts are now on their way to Heather, Barbara and Kaite. Pictures will follow when the ladies have received their mail. This all adds up to 2.1 m fabrics used, and nothing bought!

This time I can't put in any links or photos in the normal way, but I hope to have the computer problems solved as soon as possible and visit your blogs again.


  1. Sorry I can't see the photo, but I'm sure it will come up as soon as your computer is fixed.
    Sounds very complicating and I had been looking at those twist locks, wondering how she got those in.
    I finished my bag and will post it today too (o: In the warm autumn sun (o:
    Hope your computer is fixed soon! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. No photo but I can wait until your computer issue is resolved. :o) I've never done twist locks. I always take a look at them at the craft store. Enjoy a lovely weekend.

  3. Well that's not good!! Hope you are up and running soon!!

  4. So sorry not to see the photo but I bet it is a good bag! You worked so hard on it. I am looking forward to the photos when your computer allows it.

    Well done with your stash use. This has been a month like no other for buying fabric for me. I am hoping to not need to buy any next year when the price goes up by half as much again.

  5. Computer problems aren't great, but you're so right - more time for sewing!! I can't see your photo, but will check back later. Great use of your stash and re-purposing for it!

  6. I thought it was funny - no photo. It just adds to the intrigue. I look forward to you getting a running computer. Mine has to stay on constantly because it does awful things like closing when you don't want it to close. Once it is up and running, it has to stay on. Weird. I look forward to a new computer - one day.

  7. I do hope for you that your computer is fixed again though I bet you like to have more time for your sewing! Computerprobleme sind immer ärgerlich und man braucht Geduld....
    Ich bin sicher deine gemachte Tasche sieht super aus, freue mich auf das später erscheinende Bild. Uebrigens, Dr. H.B. hat mir sofort zurückgeschrieben !!! Nochmals herzlichen Dank für diesen Kontakt! Und deine Tasche beherbergt nun die Babysweaters die ich stricke :-) !! Morgen kommt das kleine Täschchen zum ersten Mal in den Nähkurs :-) !!
    Liebe herbstliche Grüsse in den Norden!


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