Sunday, 11 September 2011

Farmers' Market and Harvest Fair

Last weekend we visited the annual farmers' market and harvest fair in Järvenpää again. We left home in rain, but were lucky to have sunshine for the time we walked through this marketplace and pedestrian area. You can see how dark the clouds were.

Farmers brought their harvest: chanterelles, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and cabbages here, and leeks

Home made jams, juices and pickled vegetables


and flowers

Dried flowers and straw ornaments, including straw goats for Christmas

The yarns in soft colours here in the front are dyed with plants and mushrooms (not the pink, I think!). They had yarns for knitters and woven and knitted shawls.

The weather is getting colder, and wearing these fingerless gloves would be a good idea soon.

Hand-made ceramics

Some of the Villa Cooper ladies with their wool socks, leather slippers and ceramics

Guess how many new ladies wanted to join the open college quilting class this autumn after seeing my pretty display? 0!
Really, on Thursday only one of last year's ladies joined me and the teacher in class. After the rain stopped, one more lady came and asked if she could join and not quilt but make herself a jacket, and we all welcomed her with open heart. Three is not a crowd here, so we need at least two more to be allowed to start the class for real. We just hope some of our regulars have been busy with work, grandchildren, harvest or summer cabin, and will be there next week full of energy and new ideas.


  1. You give a great impression of the market! Would have loved to walk there and see all those beautiful stands.
    How I wish I could join you with the quilting group! Hope some more ladies will find their way!!

  2. a wonderful and exciting fair, but you said it was annual, sad that it's not monthly. i would have signed up had i been there.

  3. What a fun Fair and everything looks so delicious !!
    Ohh I realy hope your class will be starting up again .. I am back to work and very busy but trying to sew some in between ;-))

  4. What a wonderful outing. I love fresh goods and handmade things. I'm glad the weather cooperated. Fingers crossed more ladies join your group so you can continue to meet.

  5. I hope more ladies will sign up when they feel the long Winter evenings approaching. Would an advert in a local paper help?

    Love the market photos. I looked at each one enlarged to see all the wonderfulness. We have similar plants for the Winter- heather and ornamental cabbages.

  6. Looks like a fun fair Ulla , I would love to be there!!


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