Sunday 4 September 2011

Stash use report for August, and swan news

August is the last of our summer months, and it seems I have been in the summer mood with my sewings as well. I have just been working on the secret PIF project, which is about half done now. I also and managed to finish a tiny mobile phone holder for a display I was asked to put together. This was for the sewing group in the open college; we are trying to get more people in the group as we have only been about 5 ladies at a time there. I used the lovely little table runner from Melanie to catch the eye, as all my self-made quilts were too long for this board.

As you can see, there is also a tutorial for No Waste Flying Geese on the left, and Half Square Triangles on the right. My Flying Geese phone holder is hanging in the middle. The signing in starts today, and our first class in on Thursday. Let's hope someone new will notice this class while signing in for her Pilates class. - Back to the statistics: fabrics used in August total the amazing 0.7 m, and fabrics bought, also very moderate 0.85 m. Then I also gave away about 1.5 m from my stash for an Armadillo project (don't ask!), and it counts as stash reduction aswell. This makes -2.2 m and +0.85 m.

With so little result to show, I will take you to the wild whooper swans again. This year the couple has five cygnets, and they all survived. They have moved from their little nesting pond to wider waters in the village centre, and were having a nap on the lawn in the middle of the day.

One of the parents was in the water keeping an eye on the others.

The other parent was balancing on one foot while sleeping.

Then they were waking up, one by one. The cygnets are all still grey, and their peaks are more flesh colour than the beautiful yellow of the grown-ups.

The others woke up too, but while I was standing there (quite a bit from them, not to disturb), they didn't go in the water.

There was a lovely white swan feather floating in the pond, and I had to wait for a long time for it to reach me and stop so I could get a focused picture. The feather came to me like a tiny sailboat.


  1. With such an attractive advertisement for a quilting class you should certainly get new students. Maybe they want to get in shape and learn a new hobby! Mid-day napping looks so peaceful.

  2. Great board to convince ladies to join your group!
    And I just love those elegant swans. Lovely pictures!

  3. Summer is the time to relax and do something else than you usually do.. I think you have done great with your stashbusting ;-))
    I hope you will get more people to join the other ladies.. I myself seldom find energy to go outside my house with my sewing.. I have my 8 ladies who I meet every other wednesday truout the year. They are so sweet ladies ;-))

  4. A very attractive display you have created for your sewing group, hope you find some new members. Lovely to see the swans and their babies, they are such attentive parents!
    We have native black swans here, they have red beaks and legs.

  5. the swans are beautiful, but, i find it so strange to see white swans. to me swans are naturally black. :)

  6. I'd sign up for that class in a heartbeat - who could resist with such a beautiful board! I'm afraid to think of my stash totals for the year so far - I'm pretty sure it's multiplied like rabbits despite my best efforts! The swan photos are lovely, Ulla, and the little ones are no longer little! I hope you're beginning to get some ripe tomatoes!

  7. Your display is very cute, Ulla. I hope you get lots of students. That'll be fun! The swans and their babies are beautiful! Oh, that feather! It is a beautiful picture :)

  8. I love the look of your noticeboard. I hope more ladies will enroll.

    Oh those whooper swan photos are excellent! Well done!


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