Friday, 4 November 2011

Computer news and picture update

After long consideration, some waiting and two days of learning we finally have a new computer with everything needed, and I'm writing my first blog post here. There are some problems still: the laptop has no access to the internet like it should and used to have, and DH's email account has disappeared because of a misplaced password. I need the magic help of the next generation to get a photo editing programme (and at least two patience games  ;-)!). Luckily DD is arriving tonight from Berlin. She originally put up this blog for me, and has taught me almost everything I know about using a computer, especially the internet.

Maybe you would like to see some of the pictures I have taken since September? I'll show them anyway. About at the time when the computer crashed, I saw the most exotic butterfly in my life:

The Red Admiral. They are rare visitors in Finland. This one was warming itself on the sunny wall of our new garden shed.

We put up the bird feeder early in October, and the birds returned to our yard quickly. The first  portion of seeds was gone in a week, but as the Autumn has been unusually warm, the second fill wasn't needed until last night.

This squirrel has already changed fur for the winter, the reddish brown is only left in the legs. He was sitting in  our oak tree, apparently resting, and I thought he was just like me with my second cup of tea and newspaper, when I sit at the breakfast table alone after the men have gone to their duties: my nose drops closer and closer to the paper as I'm almost falling asleep again.

The trees had beautiful colours

but they are gone now.

I have played with yarn, not only knitting it but felting some too:

These little balls of yarn have been machine washed in hot water, rubbed a little to smooth the surface, and sent to Stephanie for her birthday some time ago.

With my PIF gift to Kaite in Australia, I sent a small fabric basket for her mother Coralie.

And look what she sent me in return:

The prettiest little daffodil pouch is handmade by her, and the cute house brooch is from Kaite. It is Spring down there, and daffodil time. Thank you, Coralie and Kaite!


  1. Glad you got a new computer! Hope DD is able to figure it all out, but I am sure she can.
    Your nature pictures are incredibly sharp and very pretty.
    I never knew squirrels changed their fur. You show it very well. I will never forget (o:
    Love the necklace you made for Stephanie.
    Happy Friday and weekend to you, lieve Ulla!

  2. Ulla it's lovely that you're back online properly, and i want to say how much Mum and i loved every minute of being your PIF friend so we decided together that we wanted to return the compliment to you.

  3. Adult children are so helpful. My daughter has also taught me most of what I'm able to do on the computer. Enjoy your daughter's visit. I love the little squirrel. I had no idea they changed color. I especially love the beautiful necklace. :o)

  4. What lovely parcels of friendship going to and fro. :-)

    The felt beads must take ages. I do a little bit of felting with shapes, but not a lot since Rainbow Crow.

    I hope your daughter sorts the computers out for you. I feel lost when I haven't got my ususal tabs up to browse through.

  5. Congratulations on your new computer, Ulla! Sometimes I don't know if they are a curse or the best thing since sliced bread - lol! Gorgeous photos - I've never seen such a beautiful butterfly! Wonderful gifts, too!

  6. Good to have you back Ulla ;-))
    Internet and Computers are not always the easiest to deal with !!

  7. Good to be back with long nights coming and more indoor time for making and posting.
    The autumn photos are nice. We don't have such strong seasonal changes here.

  8. Wish you a nice weekend from me where the winter has not come,not yet.

  9. I'm glad you are back, your pictures are beautiful! And so is your work, a lovely necklace in pretty colors. The gifts you got are pretty, what a cute daffodil.

  10. A new computer can make all the difference. Enjoy!
    Your fall is beautiful.
    You have pretty squirrels in your part of the world. Ours are not.
    The birds remind of the goldfinch we have here in North Carolina.


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