Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas Parade

Yesterday I went to see the Christmas parade in town, as I had never been there before. There were elves, naturally, in their red suits.

There was an angel, or Lucia, or a snow queen, I couldn't tell which, but she was wearing white.

Animals were invited to march too, and so there was an alpaca, favourite of many children.

Next came many dogs walking with their owners, some very small ones came first

and some really big ones followed:

More tonttu elves, and a pig looking very satisfied as she was not going to end up on a Christmas dinner table. We traditionally eat ham at Christmas.

And finally there was the clipiti clop of horse shoes and ringing of bells as the most important person, Joulupukki, arrived

sitting in his sleigh with his Mrs Santa. They had put wheels under the sleigh as we still have no snow here in the Southern Finland. Santa was waving to children on the other side, so I didn't get his face on the picture. Anyway, he is the original Father Christmas, living at Korvatunturi near the Arctic Circle.

I had to take this picture of Santa's sleigh when he went to talk with the children. This is a very old Finnish ryijy rug, all worn out (the blue spots) by hard use. Rugs like this were originally used for warmth in sleighs and as bed covers with the furry side facing the sleeper. The wool yarn has been dyed with plants, and some colours have been harder on the wool than the brown and the pink. In this link you can read more about this traditional textile.

They lit the lights in the big Christmas tree at the square, but I will show it later when I can take a picture when it is dark.

Today I thought I should start my Christmas crafting, so I made this wreath for our door. By the time I was making the last quarter, I was getting the idea how it should be done. Next time I'll try to make a round base ring.

All sewing has bee so secret that I don't have anything to show you this time. Enjoy the Advent time and remember to take time to notice the nice smells of baking, the favourite songs you hear and the beautiful flowers and decorations starting to show up everywhere.


  1. Oh Ulla, thank you so much for your post. I have been so disgusted with Christmas for so long because some people have expressed a dislike for their gifts... there is so much pressure to please, and I've been wiped out. (Halloween is my delight. Everybody is so happy with their "gift" and actually pleased with all my work to please them, that I really have just given up on Christmas, until your blog.) Your sweet hometown parade, the pig and dogs and the traditional blanket... I might have to start liking Christmas again. Focus on the fun doings and not so much on pleasing others. Thank you so much!

  2. Our Santa Claus parade was last weekend and my youngest son went with his girlfriend who is from a small town. It was a mild day and great for the little ones. I haven't seen the parade in person for years but yours looks lovely. The door wreath is quite striking against the dark door.
    I really have to get a move on to get a couple of stockings done - one for little Luc.

  3. I guess it's quite unusual for you not to have snow by now. Parades are a great way to start the holiday season. Those Irish Wolfhounds (I think that's what those big dogs are) could pull Santa's sleigh! Your wreath is lovely and I'll bet is smells of Christmas.

  4. What a lovely parade, Ulla! We have a similar parade that takes place after dark - lots of dogs, but no pigs ;>) I like that yours is in the daylight - much warmer than when it is below 20F at night! I noticed you had no snow yet this fall - I'm thinking both you and Mr. K are okay with that! Lovely wreath! I would love to know how to make them myself!

  5. Wir kennen hier keine Umzüge/Paraden für Weihnachten. Dafür sind jetzt die Weihnachtsmärkte (meistens in kleinen geschmückten Holzhäuschen) aktuell. Es ist immer sehr interessant zu lesen, wie in anderen Ländern Adventsbräuche gehandhabt werden. Dein Türkranz ist sehr, sehr schön! Wir haben dieses Jahr Misteln an der Tür hängen, als kleiner Willkommensgruss (aber nicht alle werden darunter geküsst ;-) !).
    Herzliche Adventsgrüsse

  6. Love the parade. I enjoy seeing everyone's winter Christmas images. Santa here is often in shorts and flip flops. Deffinately no snow.
    The wreath reminds me of gathering pine boughs with my father for the wreath. The best I do now is for familar sents is to cook with lots of cinnamon.
    Enjoy the month.

  7. A very nice parade, Ulla. The Santa's sleigh is my favorite! How cold is it now?


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