Sunday, 12 January 2014

New quilt in process

Happy New Year everyone! During the holiday break I have done some preparations for a new quilt. I have sorted through about 10 or 12 boxes, thrown away (recycled in energy waste, it is) lots and lots of fabrics I know I will not ever need, and re-organised the remaining ones.
Then I went through my Old Shirts/Green and Blue Box, and my Green Fabrics Box, and my 2½" white squares jar, and cut a little worn and well washed old sheet into 2½" strips and 3" squares and made these:
and ironed them.

I made them into blocks with the strips and show you later how they look.

I think my new ironing board cover with owls is very pretty. The day is more than half an hour longer already but the days are cloudy so there is not enough light for nice photos. We finally have some snow and - 10C temperatures. By this time last year we had had snow for two months already!


  1. I like what I see and can't wait to see more. What a fun ironing board cover. Makes ironing more cheerful, right?

  2. God fortsättning på det nya året! Ser någonting spännande på ditt fina strykbord - och det ska bli kul att se vad det mynnar ut i.

  3. Very exciting Ulla. It is always fun to start a new project !! Have fun :-)

  4. Your new project looks very promising, Ulla! Pretty ironing board cover, too. I'm glad to hear there is some snow finally. Will the lack of it so far cause any drought problems?

  5. A new project is always exciting. I too like your ironing board cover.

  6. What a perfectly colour coordinated ironing board cover. Lovely work Ulla.


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