Friday 31 January 2014

Best Winter weather, and Mittens Flying again

Our winter is on its best: sunshine, -10C/14F, hardly any wind, frosty trees, a little snow to lighten up the world, and the sun is up for more than 8 hours already.
The frost has killed most bugs too and I'm feeling at least 90% fine. The rest of the family didn't catch my sneezes.
I tried the sewing machine after a long break and made this Pooch Pouch originally designed for Abby by Stephanie. I used old jeans and a heavy felt batting so I had to attach the loop with the ends side by side. DS1's puppy is in Puppy School and her treats go in here.

When the days were colder and I was just feeling tired, I was knitting to keep at least my hands busy. These socks are from the Two socks at a time book:

and here again, with a basic pair knitted in a self-striping yarn. Both pairs went to the Red Cross sock campaign at the Flying Mitten. And yes, I have made pair of mittens too but I will show them later.

I bet you want to look inside with me again. Look at the knitted graffiti on the Lentävä Lapanen's  mailbox first, and on the blue stand.

A peek through the window, advertising the Red Cross campaign for socks and mittens.

And inside - there are 12 pairs of sock by the last time I looked, but I hope many more pairs are just being finished at the knitter's homes or in the knitting café.

DIY packages to make the official Järvenpää mittens called Jäpänen (mitten = lapanen, + Järvenpää > Jäpänen).

They also had new DIY packages for other mittens.

They have some great groups, some meeting regularly every two weeks in the evening, one group where you can sit and knit and have your tea or coffee, and listen to live reading from a book, and classes for beginners and for advanced knitters. Isn't this a dream come true?


  1. Sounds like Heaven, Ulla. Only trouble with it is that it is half the world away... a long drive, especially the under water part. LOL

  2. Your beautiful picture reminds me how much I have been missing snow this winter. We have lots of wind and low temperatures without the benefits of real winter.
    Love your knitting projects! I have been searching to see whether the Norwegian Red Cross have something similar, but haven't found anything. It is such a great cause

  3. I love the starkness of the trees against the beautiful blue sky. I hope your son's puppy is an A+ student at puppy school so he/she gets lots of treats. :o)

    A perfect day would be sitting with friends, sipping tea, listening to a great book, and crafting. Lucky you. Cozy socks.

  4. Clear bright days are so inspiring even if they are cold or hot.
    The new socks are nice and will go to a worthy cause. The flying mitten is always a pleasure to visit with you.
    Enjoy the daylight.

  5. It`s nice with each day being a wee bit lighter than the other, such inspiration to continue! Wow you have been busy, Ulla, love all the socks and the little pouch,Happy Sewing in February:))

  6. Oh the Flying Mitten is a wonderful place with so many goodies I could've dribbled over forever! Colours! The natural Finnish yarn too! So many beauties! Their gloves in the kits are am amazing design. Well done with the sock making. I'm so glad you are nearly better and have found something soothing for your hands. Today we had a Finland day with blue sky and drier air. Too often we have had English days with grey wet skies and a biting wind. Finland is so beautiful in the snow. The blue and white like the flag is such a classic colour combination.

  7. You have more sunshine and blue sky than we do, Ulla! How pretty. Will we get to see a photo of the puppy? I love the very manly Pooch Pouch! Beautiful socks and I sure wish we had such a lovely yarn shop!


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