Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tulips, mittens and socks again

Our internet line was cut off from the beginning of the month until today. It was strange not to be able to look up facts, or pay the bills, and most of all to read all the blogs.
Instead of sitting by the computer for hours on end, I had time to knit

and to knit some more, to fill the bucket at the Flying Mitten as you know it, or officially Lentävä Lapanen. In the link you can see a story about their own new yarn they are launching on Valentine's Day. The yarn is from Finnish sheep and the colours are designed by Taina Schildt of the Flying Mitten.

These are the last socks and mittens I brought there today, and I was happy to see how the small beginning had grown to at least two dozen pairs of socks and mittens for the Finnish Red Cross.


  1. Glad you are back to blogging, Ulla. You have been busy. Such pretty mittens and socks! It's a fine charity.

  2. Nice hearing from you again. It is amazing how much of our time the computer commands. :o) But the Flying Mitten bin reaped the benefits of you computer-free days. More pretty mittens and socks.

  3. Härligt att du är tillbaka! Det är vid sådana här tillfällen som man upptäcker hur mycket tid man lägger ned framför datorn, egentligen. Du har jobbat på väldigt med stickorna - med härliga resultat också. Ser på dina bilder att ni har bra med snö fortfarande. Här har det varit lite si och så med minusgraderna så mycket av vårat "vita" har tyvärr smält bort.

  4. I did wonder where you were. I thought you were just taking a break. Great looking knitting. The yarns are very nice. I think I should go get some tulips to brighten up my kitchen.

  5. Always so productive ... Never idle hands at your house it seems :)

  6. Nice and colorfull tulips! Spring is coming, we can hear all those birds as well. Thanks sharing Flying Mitten, the new yarn in called Lempi, Favour or Love.
    I´m wondering if people are interested about it... it`s 85% finnish wool and 15%nylon

  7. I missed your post Ulla, glad your back on line. Love the knitting,you make so many wonderful things. Have a great day. Hugs, Marie

  8. I think both Mr. Squash and I would have serious withdrawal if our internet was out for so long! What gorgeous tulips - spring is not far off. Your socks and mittens will be so loved by whomever get them!

  9. Lovely to see the flowers in the vase, spring is on its way! Great socks, love the outdoor picture, thanks for nice comments on my blog, Ulla :))

  10. What lovely makes for a good cause. I read about the yarn for the Flying Mitten. A great way to keep traditional breeds viable. The colours were so beautiful. At the moment I have exchanged a crochet hook for knitting needles again. I am blaming the awful weather for wanting to play with yarn.

  11. Wonderful catching up with you again.
    A big smile came on my face when I saw all the beautiful socks you knitted! With beautiful stitches!
    Happy weekend.

  12. Wonderful knitting for a worthy cause. The photo of the socks and mittens in the snow covered tree remindss me how cold winter is.
    Love the tulips.


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