Saturday 22 February 2014

February's baby socks

Last month I took the challenge  to help the pensioners' club in Järvenpää to reach their goal to gift every new baby in town with a pair of Train Socks. My plan is to knit a pair every month. I thought I knew the pattern by heart after my red pair in January. Well, the number of stitches and the number of rows is right all the way from top to toe, but this time I made knit 1, purl 1 for the parts that should have been knit 2, purl 2.  Better luck next time, and I don't think the baby will mind.
I may have told you that we keep a record of the bird species we see in or from our garden. This is about the 5th year, and the total number of species is 54, most of them quite common yard birds coming to feed on the feeder or to nest in our birdhouses. Some we have seen only once, but most of them are regular visitors. We offer them sunflower seeds and crushed peanuts, a bundle of oats (you can see the lower part of that bundle in the top right corner here), a special mixture of bird seeds and a "sausage" made of tallow and seeds. This year we have had a great titmouse invasion, they come in large numbers, ten or twenty at a time, but until today we have not seen one single willow tit since December. We don't understand where they have gone, because blue tits, coal tits and long-tailed tits keep coming just like every year. I keep hoping they simply find their food in the forest where they live because there is so little snow.

Have you noticed the blog book tour that is going on, showing projects from Stephanie's new book Uncommonly Corduroy? At every stop you have a chance to win your own eBook copy with 17 project patterns: quilts, bags and more. My turn to show the project I tested will be on Friday the 28th, and that will end the blog book tour. You will find the schedule on Stephanie's blog.


  1. Beautiful baby socks, Ulla! Your little "error" might just turn into a new pattern ;>) What a wonderful amount of bird species. I'm sure the change in the weather has got them off track for where they should be right now! Unfortunately ours have left town due to a lot of stray cats popping up all of a sudden.

  2. The train socks are lovely. No one receiving them would care about the ribbing variation. It is such a wonderful story to keep alive.

  3. Well it will be a lucky baby for sure. Mr. Creations keeps the feeders full. We don't keep any official records but I think this bizarre winter has probably caused lots of changes in animal and bird habits. Looking forward to your book tour day.

  4. Such cute socks. I think they look great with the K1 P1 ribbing. Thanks for sharing your birds. I have blue tits and pigeons at the moment.


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