Wednesday, 19 February 2014

First quilt finish of the year

This winter has not felt like a real winter because of the lack of snow. Maybe that's why I have been knitting winter things like socks and mittens instead of sewing quilts. Anyway, I started sewing some scraps together in January:

and today the String Beans quilt is finally finished. This is one of Stephanie's patterns, easy to follow and accurate as always.
I needed to adjust my borders to the width of my backing and batting. Stephanie's original quilt was a lap size 52" x 62". As I made this quilt for the local nursing home, I wanted it to be comfortable for someone who likes a nap on the bed, keeping warm from neck to toe. I added 11 beans, one row for the width and another for the length. The backing is bright red flannel. I think it is shining through in this picture. I'm so glad it didn't stain the white when I washed the finished quilt this morning! Of course I had prewashed the backing separately before using it.
The binding is the same pink fabric as I used for the sashings, something from my sister's stash she generously dumped in my boxes. All the other fabrics are from my stash, recycled shirts or rest bits from old projects, and the white background comes from the edge parts of old sheets. I like to follow the tradition of making patchwork of used fabric and adding leftover scraps for spicing so nothing is wasted.


  1. You have done a wonderful job making this quilt Ulla.
    And it is very generous of you to give the quilt away to someone who will use it a lot !

  2. Den är fantastisk, Ulla! Jag älskar den! Färgerna är så perfekt matchade och patinan som kommer av att det är "reused" material är underbar! Jag älskar också det här mönstret av Stephanie och hoppas verkligen få så mycket tid att jag kan göra min version av det så småningom. Fantastiskt jobb!

  3. It's really beautiful. Happiness is handmade from the heart and I just know this quilt will be well loved and your generosity very much appreciated.

  4. It turned out so nicely. I like the red backing showing through. It feels good to have a finish.
    We have more snow/ice/rain coming tomorrow since the temperatures will be above freezing (3 degrees.)

  5. What a pretty quilt. I love the colors and fabrics that you've used.
    The pink sashing is lovely with the other colors.

  6. A beautiful finish. It is destined to bring great happiness and comfort.
    Your involvement in your community is wonderful!

  7. That's a very beautiful quilt Ulla!

  8. This is PRETTY! Love the design and the fabrics you used. It reminds me a bit of the newest QAL by Bonnie at Quiltville. Probably the 'not square' part of the quilt.

  9. What a lovely finish Ulla. I hope you are proud that it was all from stash. :-) Someone is going to feel very special using it. Yes like you I find reds bleed so need pre-washing. The worst sin for fabric for me is the shrinking.

  10. Kiva ja erikoinen malli. Oikein raikas.


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