Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Next step

Look, the quilt centre is ready! Tomorrow I hope to add the borders and make the quilt sandwich.
This is String Beans by Loft Creations, and her own version just happens to be for sale here. The Supreme tested, easy to follow pattern is here. I needed a bigger quilt for the nursing home so I added one row of blocks both ways.
Look, the sun is shining! Winter has finally arrived and today we had hours of sun and a real winter temperature of -17C/1.4F all night and all day.


  1. What a wonderful gift for the folks home. Restful and comforting colors and I just love your version of String Beans. Enjoy your sunshine!

  2. Vad härlig den blev i dessa mysiga färger! Älskar det mönstret och det var så roligt att få se det uppsytt i andra färger än på mönstret. Äntligen vinter - härligt! :-)

  3. What a pretty quilt. I love the fabrics you've used in it. It's a favorite pattern of mine

  4. Lovely quilt, Ulla. You are so generous to give to the nursing home.

  5. The quilt is looking good. I hope you had fun making it because I'm sure it will be loved in its new home.
    Like the sun but not the temperature.

  6. Beautiful version of String Beans, Ulla! I love the white background - kind of like snow between the trees and plants!

  7. Ein sehr schöner Quilt. Die Farbkombination mit dem weissen Hintergrund gefällt mir sehr. Dadurch wirkt er so hell und freundlich.
    Liebe Grüsse, Barbara

  8. Great design. The greens will be very restful to snuggle under in the nursing home. -17c! I feel it here with -4c. I am so glad we are having longer days again. If it was raining it was hard to persuade the hounds to go for a walk in the limited hours of daylight.


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