Tuesday 16 September 2014

"Designer" socks and various birds

You may remember the fundraising for the New Children's Hospital 2017 we have been having at the Villa Cooper? I'm very happy to tell you that my Happy Scrappy Spring quilt was finally sold!
I made this quilt designed by Kaaren of The Painted Quilt, and she kindly gave her permission to sell the quilt for the worthy cause. A member of our club was the buyer, and I can be sure the quilt has found a good home! The nice sum of € 350.00 was added to the fundraising account.
My original 25 birdy coasters have all been sold and I have had two custom orders since then. Making the last one of them, I decided to use up all the linen fabric I had left for the background so there will be a dozen or so new mug rugs for the hospital project still available. We decided to keep our project going as long as we have items left.
Speaking of custom orders, I knitted a pair of socks for Mr K. to keep his toes warm in the waders. Those shoes let the cold water through, and only the sock part of the waders keep his feet dry but not necessarily warm.

I have seen his technical socks designed for the left and right foot and using different materials, and took an idea from them:
I made a stretchy part on the sole after the heel to keep the sock from creeping towards the toes like my socks tend to do in my wellies. The top of the foot part is in rib stitch as well to make the socks fit like a glove. (That would be really stupid though, nobody has toes as long as fingers. This must be seen as a figure of speech.) The bottom of the heel is flat and smooth so nothing will put pressure on his baby soft skin.
Mr K. has added a polycarbonate roof to our terrace. The project is nearly finished, just missing the boards to cover the triangles at both ends.

I'm enjoying my favourite time of the year: sunny days with just room temperature or a little cooler, fresh little wind, the smell of apples, many flowers still in bloom, the swans teaching their young cygnets to take off and land (is it 'landing' in water too?), and the first cranes preparing their migration to the South. Yesterday I saw a flock of about 50 cranes getting arranged to their typical V formation. 


  1. How wonderful your still selling things for the new Children's Hospital project. I love that quilt -- it'll surely keep the new owner cozy. Lucky Mr. K to have custom made socks to keep his feet dry and warm. A nice reward too for his hard work on your lovely terrace. Enjoy your September!

  2. Dear Ulla,
    I love the Happy Scrappy Spring Quilt pattern and good to hear that you have turned it into such a good cause. Your Post was written wonderfully, enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hieno projekti sairaalan hyväksi:)
    Lintukuviot ovat tosi suloisia ja hyvät sukat, varmasti pysyvät hyvin kumisaappaissa ja K on tytyyväinen.
    Ihana kesäterassi.

  4. Hi Ulla, it's good to hear that the quilt was sold, it's such an important cause. Late summer is also one of my favorite seasons too, it feels very nice right now, sunny but not hot. Just like you I've started knitting socks in the evening, I'm enjoying it!

  5. I just knew your quilt would sell, Ulla. Such a worthy cause. Your birdies seem very popular, too! What wonderful socks for Mr. K's waders! Having worn (almost the same kind) waders for many years I know what it means to have your feet comfortable in them. Your terrace is stunning! It must be so nice to sit there while you still can. Great job, Mr. K.!

  6. First congratulations on the success of the fundraising. Hooray to all of you.
    The custom made socks are great. Nothing worse than cold wet feet when trying to fish. My fathers waders were overalls and he wore quilted thurmals underneath. The things men do.


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