Tuesday 23 September 2014

The little indie artist and her victory of sorts

I'm upset! My daughter's work has been copied and put on sale by Anthropologie. Please visit Kaija's blog Paperiaarre here  and see with your own eyes. Her journals have been copied. She has also given a link to another case of copying by this firm, so it seems to be their habit to look for beautiful things on Etsy, Pinterest etc. and have them made in a cheap labour country. As little as it may mean to them, I have written an e-mail to Anthropologie and given my opinion about this. I can be as biased as I want; they have wronged my daughter! - I didn't have time to finish this blog post last night, and I'm glad to tell you that meanwhile the issue is resolved and the big company has offered to withdraw their copied journals. Naturally they don't admit they have copied anything, so maybe it was their supplier who did it.
 On the knitting front, I have been working on a multi-coloured baby blanket. 
Here it is all finished. Knitting on the circular needle makes it easier for my hands and arms, as the weight on the blanket rests on my lap instead of on the long needles and my hands.
Speaking of hands and arms, in a week I will start a long break from all things crafty, and also from writing in any form. I will keep reading your blogs, I hope, but can't comment for a while with my good hand immobile in a sling. The sling thing causes a dressing problem I didn't have 8 years ago when my other shoulder was operated on. It was against the Summer, so I just altered a few tops so I could step in through the neckline. This time I need something against the cold as well, so I took another step as a designer and made a poncho:
The lining is there to protect me from wind, and I even added an interfacing for extra warmth. Now I'm knitting wrist warmers to give a final touch:
Today is Autumn Equinox and the days are getting shorter so fast that you really notice it: 40 minutes in a week now. The temperature has dropped close to freezing point for the day as well, but at the end of the week we can expect some +15C days. Warmer clothes are needed, summer dresses can be stored away for eight months at least. Enjoy the colours of Autumn, the fresh air, and cosy evenings in the warmth of your home. 


  1. I'll only applaud Anthropologie for removing your daughter's copied designs from their production line. It's maddening BIG companies like to make lots of money off the backs of small, unique individuals. I love your polka dot afghan. Those are lovely color. Best wishes for speedy healing.

  2. I'm glad to hear that the issue of copying has been resolved. Not a nice situation at all.
    So nice to hear that your quilt was sold and that your mug rugs were so popular that you received a commission.
    I do hope your shoulder heals quickly so that you can get back to enjoying those crafty things you like to do. Love the poncho and I did notice that it was lined - great idea. I hope that it and the wrist warmers keep you warm during the cooler weeks ahead.

  3. Heia heia Kaija !!!
    I wish you a speedy recovery Ulla …
    Take care and I hope to see more of you in blogland later on !

  4. Hang in there, Ulla. Think of all the winter chores you won't be doing. We'll keep you in our thoughts.

  5. Hooray for Kaija. I will be thinking of you. There is always Skype and Facetime so you will be able to communicate with loved ones.
    Like the poncho.

  6. Dear Ulla,
    very happy to hear about the outcome for your daughter. Good, that the problem will get resolved.
    Sorry to hear about your upcoming operation. Wish you all the best for the healing process.
    What a neat idea with the poncho.
    I love your blanket, it is gorgeous.

  7. So glad the issue of stealing your daughter's work has been resolved. Love the baby blanket and the ponch you made looks lovely and cosy :-) All the best for a your recovery from surgery.

  8. Nice knitting and sewing! All the best to you yourself as well as your daughter with the difficulties :-)

  9. Congratulations to your daughter, Ulla! It isn't often that a small designer is able to scoff in the face of a comglomerate! Good for her! I love your polka blanket! It will make any baby smile! Good luck next week. Mr. Squash and I will send wishes for a speedy recovery your way!

  10. similar thing happened to me as your daughter many years ago and I lost, all my designs as well as my good name as I was called a liar publicly. Since then I really have a hard job trusting business or doing business with people. I hope they really do keep their word to your daughter as it is quite despicable.
    Hope your shoulder heals well and the time is not too slow for you? A poncho is a great idea! and wrist warmers of course, you will hopefully be quite draught proof!
    Our Autumn has been amazing so far and the temperatures are still summer, just falling in the evenings, so we are pretty thankful.


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