Sunday 28 September 2014

Autumn Break

This is the beginning of Autumn. See how bare the young aspen already are! They didn't even have time to change their colour properly.
The Summer flowers have been replaced by Chrysanthemums.

The rowans are full of berries. That was good for our apples, no need for the bugs and worms to attack them when they had enough of their natural food in the forest.
I have crocheted half of my granny squares for my cardigan. The other half must wait until I can use both my hands again.
Another baby thing knitted, to go with the Princess Estelle's cardigan.

I'm prepared for the weeks with idle hands:
Here is about half of the books I have kept waiting. Some of them are too big or heavy to read in bed, some were just new hand-me-downs, and some especially borrowed for this special occasion of having the chance to read all day long. About a dozen of the Elm Creek novels are waiting on the shelf for me to I finish the triple volume that comes first in the series.
This is it, dear friends. I'll be back some time in November or so ... keep posting about your lovely projects and I will visit your blog when I can. Comments I can't promise for quite a while.


  1. Take care Ulla.
    Looks like you have some good reads ahead of you
    I wish you a speedy recovery !

  2. I will be thinking of you. Elm Creek is just the thing for recuperating. I read lots of them when my hip was done in March.

  3. Nice pictures her of the Autumn, love the season, and I love September month best of all. All the best to you, Ulla, be careful, do hope you will recover the best way possible, Hugs, Grethe.

  4. I hope you don't get too frustrated while you are recuperating. Your reading pile looks like fun. The helmet style hat is gorgeous and snuggly. You have made so much progress with the crochet cardi.

    Here the leaves are starting to change. The weather has been so dry that it is possible to kick the dry piles on the ground.

  5. Your cardigan is going to be amazing. Those colors are so yummy. Happy reading and healing. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.

  6. Dear Ulla,
    wish you all the best and fast recovery. Enjoy your books.

  7. take good care of yourself Ulla, it was good to visit you after so long. x

  8. I hope your surgery went well and you are soon back blogging and stitching. In the meantime that pile of books looks like good entertainment.
    Hugs, Jan Mac


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