Tuesday 25 November 2014

Coming back

Such a long time! I'm learning to use my arm again, reaching higher almost every day and trying new ways to do simple things like taking a plate from the microwave over my shoulder level. This is my third week without the sling.
Right at the beginning of October we had the first snow, it only lasted for a day or two.

Last week we had the first "real snow" that required shoveling and the plough trucks were out, and there is still some snow left. Winter weather requires winter crafts, so I have started a pair of socks in blue. I can only knit a few rows before taking a break, so the socks may just be finished on time for Christmas. I use a solid greyish blue and a variegated yarn in alternating rows.

During my long break from blogging I have been reading your blogs on the iPad my son borrowed me so I didn't have to climb upstairs to see my e-mails. That little thing was quite nice and handy, but sometimes I could not even open the comments section, and often the writing of comments was just not working. This is just to let you know that I haven't forgotten you.

A month ago the Villa Cooper celebrated its 110th anniversary, and we found it a great opportunity to invite the representative of the New Children's Hospital 2017 fundraising committee for coffee and home made buns so we could officially donate the funds raised during our bird themed campaign. The sum by then was €1,600 and we keep raising funds for the worthy cause as long as there are products left with the special price tags.

Last weekend the traditional Christmas Shop was opened at Villa Cooper, and I hope to get you some lovely pictures from it, with more light than this anniversary picture.


  1. So nice to see you back. I'm glad you're able to do "normal" things again, even if you have to do them a new way. Really beautiful shades in the yarn. Congratulations on the fund raising. A special anniversary for Villa Cooper and a wonderful cause helping the Children's Hospital.

  2. Good to hear you are on the mend and can at least knit for a little while. Vills Cooper is quite an old organization.

  3. Congratulations on you fund raising success. What a great achievement. Love the color of the socks. Good to hear you are doing better.

  4. Nice to see your pics again, glad to hear you are getting better and better, be slow and careful, happy activity day by day :-)

  5. Good to hear you are on the mend - back to knitting, and everything.

  6. Welcome back, Ulla! I'm glad to hear you are doing well and getting back to normal activities. The socks are so pretty - I love the color of yarn you chose. How wonderful also that so much money for the hospital!

  7. Oh how lovely to see Villa Cooper again. I am such a fan of it and you good ladies who do so much to help your community.

    The socks look wonderful. Good luck finishing them in time. Sorry that you have had snow so early, but once it comes I hope it stays bright and light for you. These grey November days are meaning we have the lights on in the house for much of the day.


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