Monday 1 December 2014

Advent Calendar 2014

It is time for my Advent Calendar, daily posts with a picture and little words. This will be the fourth one: I started in 2009, the next one was in 2011, then last year and now suddenly for the second year in a row.

The Christmas Season opening parade was yesterday in Järvenpää, Santa arrived very conveniently in a sleigh on wheels.


  1. Thank you Ulla for this picture.
    Wheels? Well whatever it takes to get Santa to our children, or not?
    Wish you a good Advent Season,

  2. Your Advent Calendar always makes me happy
    . I' m glad you are well enough to post a calander
    this year.

  3. Merry Christmas Ulla and family, I am so happy your able to post a little. Looking forward to hearing your completely mended soon. Hugs, Marie

  4. A perfect way to start the season. Parades and Santa equal Christmas!

  5. Good to see you post Ulla.
    Christmas is soon here!
    Take care and have fun !

  6. Oh how special for the children in town. I like how you have a real horse. It is a reindeer or another creature who is holding the reins? Son managed to photograph the santa who visited (Round Table charity) us this week. The floats drive along the road and an array of helpers knock on the doors with collecting buckets. Here is a link to last year.


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