Monday 22 December 2014

Christmas Market 2

I thought you wanted to see more of the miniature Christmas Market in Jyväskylä.

Here is a craftsman selling traditional items woven of birch bark: baskets on the bench and on the ground, the little girl is wearing shoes called virsut  and in front of the bench is a woven rucksack. the little bundles of twigs are whisks. None of these are really used nowadays except for maybe the baskets, but antique ones may be seen as decoration.


  1. Onpa ihana miniatyyri maailma, niin ihanan pieniä ja suloisia!

  2. Amazing shoes. I bet the design goes back millennia! I was thinking just looking at that birch bark display of how many skills people once had to make things locally and in keeping with their environment. I read that 90% of the gifts people bought this year in the UK are the plastic made in China type, which eventually end up in landfill, as nothing is built to last.


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