Friday, 5 December 2014

The Fox

Just the other day we spent some time watching this handsome fox with his prey at the edge of the woods.

Six magpies were flying around and waiting for some leftovers. The last time I saw a fox here was in the Spring 1982 when I was hanging up laundry on the line. We have seen footprints in the snow, but they usually don't show themselves.


  1. Oh wow how special! He has such beautiful fur- those rust oranges are stunning. The one I saw in Godstow was more brown. I would've been watching him a lot too.

  2. They certainly do have a lovely colour to their fur. What is so special is that you were able to photograph the fox.

  3. WOW!! He is gorgeous...and what a treasure for you to see!!

  4. Very close to you, must have been a rear sight,still remember one from when I was a young child! Lovely parade and nice new header :-)

  5. What a treat to see such an elusive forest critter.


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