Monday, 8 December 2014

Scandinavian Snowball Fun, finished at last

Sorry to interrupt your tour at the Villa Cooper! I have an important announcement to make: I have finished a quilt. I'm trying hard to remember if I have finished another one this year, but I'm afraid this is the first one.

It is the Snowball Fun quilt Melanie and I started together in 2012, she sent me the fabrics and I sent her the pattern, and we were going to make it for Christmas. Well, Melanie made it for that Christmas, but I finished mine on Sunday.

I had the three stitcheries almost done in 2012 when other things happened and I lost interest in the project.

We don't really have snow yet for good so snowmen are not around, but it is slowly about time to take out the Christmas lights and to start decorating the house.

Mrs. Snowman has taken her child Christmas shopping. I wonder what they will eat, ice cream maybe? Melanie is showing her quilt today too, so follow this link  and find out what it looks like!

The tour inside Villa Cooper will continue tomorrow.


  1. Lovely work Ulla! Well done for getting it finished. Your mushroom border is super sweet. I used red stash for mine. It's a nice thought that we have the same quilt up for Christmas.

  2. What a wonderful finish. Your quilt is just gorgeous and you did get it done for Christmas, maybe not the one you planned, but you can enjoy it this Christmas. Hugs!

  3. It is just adorable, Ulla! It will be a happy addition to your Christmas decor!

  4. Congratulation on a great finish!
    You did wonderful and the quilt are adorable...

  5. Adorable quilt! Well done on a finish too!


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