Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Market

On Thursday we visited our dear daughter Kaija in Central Finland. This time the Craft Museum had a miniature Christmas Market in their window. Kaija took these photos as I didn't have my camera with me. Click to enlarge!

The Santa on the left is guarding the Salvation Army  collection pot, and the other one is there to meet the children and hear their wishes. The real Santa comes on Christmas Eve, preferably with his sleigh pulled by a reindeer or two along the snow. Cars and lorries are alternative means of transport when there is no snow. Santa doesn't climb to any roofs here because a) our chimneys are too tight for anyone, b) they are shut by two draught preventing shutters when there is no fire in the fireplace, and c) Santa leaves the gifts behind the door or under the tree while the family is having a meal in another room or still in the sauna or taking candles to the graves of their loved ones. He may meet families with young children, because the elves know when the family is at home and ready to meet Santa.


  1. Amazing. Great attention to detail in the marketplace. Nice to visit with our children at this time of year.

  2. What a beautiful display. I like hearing about Finnish traditions and how they differ from English ones.

  3. Such a sweet scene! Hoping you had a lovely time visiting Kaija!

  4. Hi Ulla, that is such a sweet display. Like Melanie I love hearing all about the different Christmas traditions from around the world. The stories are so beautiful.
    Have a lovely christmas and hoping that it is filled with much joy and love.


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