Sunday 7 December 2014

Welcome to Villa Cooper

Some of you have been waiting for this Christmas tour.

The big dining room. This building is on the list of the museum authorities so the lights are about as they were when this was a family home. For a Sunday treat I give you a second picture, the Tiffany glass work and the elves on the right above the fireplace:


  1. I remember elevs from a previous ccalander. The stained glass is striking.

  2. A lovely grand old room and I enlarged the elf photo. Such a charming display.

  3. Oh how beautiful! It looks so comfy and home-like, as if any second a family would come in dragging a Christmas tree behind them. The elves are adorable! The glass makes me want to get my equipment out and create something from the scraps I have in a chest.

  4. Just catching up on you advent calendar, Ulla! I love the traditions in your town - so sweet and earthy - not the commercialized parades we have here. Does Mr K turn into an elf for the parade? I also love Villa Cooper - I can just imagine having a cozy Christmas dinner in such a lovely room!


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