Tuesday 2 December 2014

Day Two

Two angels were leading Santa's parade.

I remember the wire and gauze wings I got to wear for the school's Christmas play, impossible to keep straight.
If you are interested to follow a more artistic and not at all Christmas themed Advent Calendar, here is your link to my dear daughter's blog Paperiaarre. She will be showing her 24 boxes, one each morning until Christmas Eve.


  1. Always had trouble with the tinsel halo. Great angels.

  2. Did the angels sing? :o) Kaija's work is so unique and lovely.

  3. I remember the Santa Claus parades of my youth. I haven't even watched one on TV for years. Santa was always the last float.

  4. I remember my first school advent play where I really wanted to be an angel in white and tinsel. I got to be a villager in brown batik- not even the blue batik! I eventually was an angel in another school and it wasn't nearly as glamorous as I had hoped. I was one of many standing at the back singing between the scenes with aching legs.

    I hope your parade angels had fun. It must've been interesting to design their costumes.


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