Tuesday 15 September 2015

End of Tour de Baby Hat

 The cyclists have reached their destination and so has my knitting. There is still one hat on the needles, but

66 hats are here, all ready to be delivered to the maternity ward for new babies. Some of my hats ended up rather large so I decided to take them to the Red Cross collection point where they take donations for the refugees who come to our cold country with so little. Winter clothes are needed, and anything for little babies.

Our grandson has naturally grown out of the white outfit I knitted before he was born, so I made him a new set. The hat covers the ears and forehead, the size is for right now so I can see myself knitting a Winter version very soon. The mittens are without thumbs, but the next pair must be with thumbs so he can hold his shovel or make his first snowballs. The socks are once again train socks (if you click the link, you find the English translation of the pattern, and the story behind the socks).

I made him two bibs too now that he is eating delicious food with a spoon.

September means often the beginning of new classes or hobbies, for me too. I'm taking a class in yarn techniques, just once a month for an evening. Last week we started with Bavarian crochet. With the big holes this will be no good as a potholder, but when it grows a little, it could be a nice dishcloth.

For dessert a picture of my flower box in August to remind of the Summer that is clearly ending.


  1. All the baby hats are wonderful. The set for your grandson is nice and I can imagine warmer for winter.

    The flowers are lovely and as your weather gets colder ours is getting warmer.

  2. Love the picture with the bibs. Made me smile.
    And congratulations on this great accomplishment. 66 hats. You're special!
    Nice challenge, the Bavarian crochet.
    What flowers are the bright pink ones? Enjoy the last summer days!

  3. How nice of you to knit so many lovely beanies for the little ones that need them.
    Your GSs blue set is cute and the dish cloth looks great.
    Pretty flowers ..

  4. I love the colours in your flower box. Growing babies will keep you knitting (and sewing) for quite a while. I'm making Teemu a sweater and if it works out, the little girls will be getting sweaters in the same pattern. I think its so nice to know that your charity knitting will be put to good use.

  5. What beautiful things. I think any parent would be thrilled to receive one for their new born. 66 hats! I hope they provide warmth and comfort.

  6. How is it possible your grandson is growing so fast??? Love the flower of hats. That's a lot of hats for some very lucky babies. I've heard of Tunisian crochet but not Bavarian. I hope one day to be able to take stitch classes and learn more about crochet. That shade of blue is beautiful and so is the stitch.


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