Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Flying Geese, Dresden Plates and more hats for babies

After a lot of cutting and sewing, all 88 geese are flying in a nice formation around the houses of this mystery quilt I'm making after Kaaren's design.

The corners have blue Dresden Plates appliquéd on yellow table cloth (really, this was a self-made tablecloth for a Summer party some years ago).

I like trying new blocks in a small scale, like just four Dresdens. I only have made a Dresden plate block once before in my life, when I made a bag after Stephanie's pattern.

Then of course I have been knitting. The broadcast from the Vuelta is usually just a little over an hour so these baby hats are not strictly Grand Tour hats. I simply like to keep my hands busy when I'm watching something not too demanding or interesting on TV, and so there are 11 new hats for my bag to be taken to the maternity ward. I try to make them for every taste, for boys and girls, small heads and bigger ones. It is fun to try out new patterns, and I happened to develop a new one too: the white hat in the middle was going to be 2 tog, yarn over, purl 1 but I started accidentally with ssk, yarn over, purl 1 and so the zig zag pattern is softer than 

in this yellow one in the middle of the front row. Oh, I see these make together already 21, my goal for the Vuelta. I still have some yarn left, and the Vuelta ends on this coming Sunday.

Maybe 70 hats instead of the intended 63 would make a nicer number?


  1. Busy and beautiful as always! The quilt is gorgeous! Love how those flying geese fly side by side. And sweet Dresden Plates. Yes, Dresden Plates = Stephanie (o:
    Love the zigzag pattern in the hats!

  2. Your House flimsy looks great and lots of cute baby hats too. Well done

  3. Well it's no secret how much I love dresden plates. Yours looks terrific in the corners of your mystery quilt. Are there more rounds coming? Perhaps you'll start writing knitting patterns? :o) Those are such pretty piles for lucky babies.

  4. I have always like the Dresden Plate design and also the grandmother's fan (one quarter of the Dresden Plate.) I think the more hats, the better. Different sizes, different colours for different babies.

  5. A wonderful new quilt!
    Love your dresden bag.. You are on a roll too !!!

  6. Dear Ulla,
    you mystery quilt is coming galong so well, wonderful layout and colors.
    Will turn out to be a beautiful quilt.
    Still busy on the hats, how neat you have invented a new pattern. Made me smile.


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