Sunday 27 September 2015

French Braid

Back to working on the Mystery QAL. The French Braid was a very slow process, no chain sewing at all. I needed over 240", six meters and some.

I decided to make one huge snake so nothing gets wasted when I cut the ends straight. I'm going to add my personal touch to the quilt at this stage to make it a little longer so I don't know yet what length the braid is going to me in my quilt.

I have added some new fabrics to the mix but am still keeping my palette limited to the colours I have already used.

The Nature's palette is adding shades of yellow and brown and reducing the greens to minimum.

Ligularia Dentata. We moved these from the old garden of my FIL this Summer to replace the rose bushes which didn't like this place in the shadow of the house. Now the roses grow in front of the house and these handsome beauties obviously have found their place here.


  1. I love how you made a very long braided snake. The photo really caught my eye. No quick way to make a braid, one piece at a time. It'll look wonderful on your quilt. I always enjoy your flora and fauna photos. :o)

  2. I've never made a braid border and the length of yours is an eye opener to how many small strips go into one. Great Photos of the garden.

  3. Dear Ulla,
    your french braid border is just amazing, adorable, and beautiful. Love the look of it.

  4. Now that is impressive! Can hardly imagine the length of it. Love how you are going to give it your own touch.
    Yes, autumn is starting to show her color palette here too. Such warm deep colors!
    Happy braiding to you ;-)

  5. The French Braid must had been a labour of love! It looks wonderful :-)


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