Sunday, 25 February 2018

More socks and mittens

Little Miss Yellow's set is here. Very basic socks here on virgin snow.

The mittens are striped with the rainbow yarn I used for some socks and mittens already before Christmas, and some navy blue also from my old stash. I call this pattern "Grandmother's three colour pattern" as I have not seen it anywhere but in the half finished mitten I have inherited, and of course in my memories from the time I had such mittens.


Little Miss Purple's mittens from my previous post in a closeup. This is a new version of "Grandmother's two colour pattern" that I have in fact found on the Internet under the name of Ailin lapaset, but they make no gusset for the thumb like my Grandmother and I did. Using a third colour makes a big difference ...

... because the bicolor version has clearly vertical stripes:

Both of the Grandmother's patterns only use one colour at a time for each row, and the lifted stitches make them dense and warm.

Custom order not too tight not too itchy socks for a friend. Self-striping Step yarn from Austermann.

I wanted to show you a better photo of the other chemo cap from last week. This pattern is perfect for the 50/50 cotton and wool yarn I used:

It was a free baby hat pattern I just enlarged for an adult size.


  1. I love your socks and mittens, always very inviting to see. The flowers are beautiful. Hope your doing well. Many hugs, Marie

  2. Gorgeous tulips. It's always interesting to see what you're knitting.

  3. Lovely knitting. Warm warm mittens are always lovely to wear. The slipping a stitch in another color from the previous row is a much easier than fair isle.

  4. A beautiful knitting production, so nice to see your work. And the tulips are lovely, too.

  5. Wow! Dear auntie “U”, little missies yellow and purple are so delighted and excited about these beauties! We probably won’t make it to see you on Easter but returning in July, so hopefully we’ll see then! Hugs, Kirsti

  6. Thank you, Kirsti, it is always a pleasure to knit socks and mittens, especially in such small sizes! I hope you all will get a good chance to use them every day of your ski holiday and have a great time.

  7. Really unique looking mittens and such interesting patterns. I especially love the bold contrast of dark with the yellow. Pretty tulips. I saw little yellow and purple crocuses peeking up from the ground today. It's always exciting to see the first flowers.

  8. Beautiful knitting, I love the yellow :-)

  9. beautiful work :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate



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