Saturday, 3 February 2018

Trying something new

This week I have widened my sewing range to new products. This has been a process of learning from errors, but I think I'm getting there ... some day! 
These are pouches for treats for dogs, to be worn by the person who is training them, not the dogs. Dogs could not open the snap closure and take just one treat when they have done a trick. Not even after long training, I'm sure.

The dog owners are supposed to pick up the poo after their dogs (but many of them still need some training), and these dispensers can hold an entire roll of those plastic bags for that purpose. The pouches are meant to hang from a D-ring on the lead so they are always at hand when needed.

The first collars. I'm looking for a different kind of clips. I didn't make anything for tiny dogs yet.

The leads have a fleece lining to make it more comfortable for the hand.

These leads have some reflective tape sewn on both sides to make the dog and the owner more visible for drivers when it is dark. The dogs need to go for walks early in the morning and late in the evening when it is dark outside for many months up here. The owners usually have reflectors sewn on their clothes and hanging knee high where the car lights easily catch them, but the dog can be in total darkness without a reflector.

I have been knitting too, but decided to save you all from that this time. We don't have a dog so I'm relying on expert opinions from dog owner friends for my product development.


  1. It's the law here, too, that dog owners pick up after their pets. Here, too, some do and some don't. Those are cute bags! Love the idea. Good for you that you're making them. I don't have a dog, but Melanie would enjoy them.

  2. Interesting :-)
    Yes, lot of dog owners here also need training to pick up after their dogs; it seems to be the same problem everywhere :-(

  3. Excellent work Ulla, we have the same issue with some owners. A lot of nature parks have said to flick the poo away with a stick into the bushes as some dog owners would bag the poo up but then leave the bag, which has less chance of rotting away than the poo! Some people just don't think. I think your material bag dispensers are a fantastic idea. We get a lot of imported hard plastic ones here but they have a tendency to separate and become useless. Yet more rubbish!
    Your collars look strong so ideal for larger dogs. The leads are pretty and well designed. I like your fleece lined handles. Arthur is a puller when he has a scent, so something like that is wonderful. I have also seen neoprene used as that is kind of spongy.

  4. Fabulous items you've made for doggies...we also are surposed to pick up our dogs poop 💩

  5. Hienoja tarvikkeita koiranomistajille ja tarpeellisia.

  6. Goodness you've made some really well thought out dog products. I love the fleece idea on the leads and the reflective tape. If only it were possible for dogs to train the owners to pick up the poo. :o)

  7. Nice products well thought out for both man and dog. Poo collection is a problem everywhere.

  8. They all look good to me. Very professional.

  9. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.



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