Sunday, 11 February 2018

Product development and zipper lessons

This week I made some new bag dispensers, improving my sewing routine. I use zippers on the back so it will be easy to fill the dispenser with a whole roll of bags, and it looks neat.

Then I added something for the dog walker in the same range, tissue holders in matching fabrics. I get a runny nose easily when walking in the chilly weather so I thought these would be useful.

Many people wear a set of headphones, and as long as they don't grow out of people's ears, they sometimes need to be packed away. To avoid a tangle, they can be stored in a tiny pocket like these:

I used the almost last scraps of these fabrics and a collection of odd zippers.

The Winter has come to stay now, finally. We have some snow, some minus degrees, some clouds and some sun. Fine! I just wish we had some bird visitors at the feeder. Days go by that we don't see a single little bird. I hope they have just found a more delicious menu or a more sheltered bird feeder, and not abandoned us for any more sinister reason. There was a very snowy, very cold period earlier. A magpie may come and drop some seeds and nuts on the ground from the feeder as they are too big to sit on its edge. The hares have eaten our Spiraeas (saving us from cutting them down in April), and now they have started on the roses:

Luckily they too were waiting for pruning in the Spring. Looking from where I live, Spring is still about two months away.


  1. The pouches for the dog walkers are very useful. I too also get a runny nose when walking but here it is caused by wind carring dust and pollen. The snow looks lovely clean and bright.

  2. What a lovely set they all make for dog owners or dog walkers. We too are in winter mode here. Today we have freezing rain after two days of soft, light snow that has accumulated on the ground. The salt has been sprinkled on the sidewalk so pedestrians won't slip and fall.

  3. You came up with some thoughtful and useful products. I like the zip on the back of the waste bag holder. Perhaps you'll start your own line of designs and write patterns? :o) Oh gosh that is a lot of Winter. I hope the birds are on a little holiday and will be back in full force. Just takes one bird to spread the word. :o)

  4. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!



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