Tuesday, 31 July 2018

End of Tour ...

...de France and my own Tour de Knit. I could wear a Yellow Jersey too, because I'm a winner as well. Last week I found these blueish sock yarns in a little plastic bag in my sock yarn box, and used them for the last couple of squares needed for the blanket. Without these I would not have met my goal.

This is what is left of my sock yarn rests for 3.5 mm needles now. 

And this is what I managed to knit with the rests I had plus some new balls. 30 squares, all ends sewn in by now.

This week I need to arrange them nicely and sew them together. That will be the warmest part of the project! We have tried to keep cool with the sound of water from our new garden pond. Too bad is is too small for swimming!


  1. lots of lovely squares for you to sew together.
    Nice pong in the yard. Maybe you can sit with your feet in it....

  2. Hi Ulla the knitted squares are great. Yes you deserve a yellow jersey for using up s stash and finishing the tour.

  3. It's nice to be able to use up leftover yarn. Good for you. I do like your pond and 'patio.' It looks like a great place to entertain.

  4. Well done Ulla for meeting your challenge! I hope you get some of the overcast days for sewing together that we are currently having. There still hasn't been enough rain for the trees. Your pond is looking gorgeous wuith lush planting. Perfect for sitting beside in a heatwave.


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