Sunday, 1 July 2018

New finishes

Remember the treasures my daughter sent me and I just found recently? The light beige knitting with needles sticking in was a beautiful lace scarf in the making, and the yarn lovely Rowan Kidsilk Haze. The reason it had remained a WIP was the complicated pattern with a hickup neither she or I could trace. I didn't want to waste the beautiful yarn so I unraveled her knitting as far as I could.

Because it is a mohair yarn, it was rather difficult to unravel, and I had to leave some of it as it was. Then I rinsed the skein I had made and dried it, and thinking of cobwebs on grass in an early morning I looked for a lace pattern I could keep track on.

Then I found this pattern, bought a number 4 circular needle that is as smooth as can be, and started knitting. I used all the yarn there was and was surprised to see how big the shawl finally was. light like a cobweb, a little over 60 grams I think it is.

Then I finally quilted the Windy Day quilt I made for our grandson number 2.

Detail of the fabrics.

Today I'm fighting with a puckering backing of the next quilt I'm trying to quilt on my machine. Rip, rip, rip ...

Blogger has stopped sending me the comments by email. It makes answering back more complicated, and I'm trying to change back to receiving them on my email again.

Edit: Now the comments are coming to my email again. Thank you for your help, Radka!


  1. Oh, I know all about unpicking Kidsilk Haze! Impossible, you just can't make mistakes,LOL!
    By the way, I have my emails back now, so go and have a look at my post dated 20th June, called "my emails are back" and try if that will work for you.

  2. The shawl is sew pretty. really soft;
    Your grandson 2s quilt is lovely.
    Hope Radka's comment has helped you with answering comments.

  3. Hi Ulla, just testing your comments email; is it working?

  4. That mohair shawl is gorgeous. Much prettier than a cobweb (but looks as intricate) but how nice it inspired you to decide on your project. Lucky Grandson #2. Such fun fabrics and a restful color scheme.

  5. Hi Ulla, lovely quilt for your grandson. When he gets older he will enjoy exploring it. The shawl came out beautifully! I have what feels like a 1ply cobweb weight shawl. I was so worried about ruining it in a drawer that I made a drawstring pouch for it. I can now add it to a handbag if I need it in an evening, while wearing a summer dress.

  6. Ihana peitto lapsenlapselle, kauniit värit!

  7. What a beautiful soft and calm quilt for your second grandson! You are blessed!


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