Friday, 20 July 2018

Sock Yarn Challenge taken

In June I collected information about knitting projects for different charities to share with other knitters on WWKIP Day. In my own stash I found some squares I had knitted for what we call Mother Teresa's blankets. Originally they were sent to her organization in India but today most blankets are sent to the Finnish Red Cross and delivered to victims of catastrophes all over the world. One blanket is made of 30 squares, and they are a perfect way to use rest yarns from other projects. My friend Melanie has challenged herself to use up her sock yarns, and I decided I could do the same, limiting the challenge to the heavier yarns with 75 % to 100 % wool.

I have now used almost all my heavier rest yarns, trying to scatter the colours so that the last squares would not all be grey with beige.

When the small balls were nearly all used, I took some bigger ones from my sock yarn box, and bought a couple of new ones when they were on sale.

Here I used the tiniest bits, just enough to make two rows in a corner. My challenge is also to get all 30 squares knitted while the Tour de France lasts and we spend a lot of time watching TV, as usual in July every year.

This Summer has been the hottest I can remember. Lovely for the flowers, but very tiring for elderly people like me ;o).


  1. Hieno peitto tulee ja hyvään tarkoitukseen! Nyt on ollut kyllä niin kuuma, mutta eilen täällä satoi vähän:)

  2. What a great challenge and doing it with a friend is much nicer. You always inspire me with your use of what you have. I love the diagonal striping. You're flowers are so pretty. My garden is growing very well in our heat and it's also not fun for people of a certain age, or lazy old dogs. :o)

  3. Always nice to knit along with friends. Great squares.
    Your garden is sew pretty.

  4. Very well done Ulla! And for a good cause too! I know in this heat that knitting with wool yarns is a real labour of love so I hope you are having lots of refreshing cold drinks as you knit. It is a nice thought to know that one day someone in the world most in need will keep warm under your blanket.

  5. The summer really has been so warm and tiring so far. Good thing your flowers do it very well!


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