Tuesday 18 September 2018

Back at the sewing machine again

For the first time in ages I have started a new quilt. It looks like little huts at dawn, doesn't it?

But it isn't, it is paper dolls holding hands! I used some vintage children's fabric for this, some summer frocks and nighties saved because of their pretty fabrics. Some fabrics are new, I didn't want to use the same fabric more than twice and there were not too many old fabrics available. My favourite is the yellow Moomin fabric in the bottom right corner, it used to be my summer frock before I went to school.

The Paper Dolls pattern is by Stephanie from Loft Creations and available here. I just made it a bit bigger. Apple sauce cooking came in the way and the quilt is still waiting for the batting and backing to be cut and layered and the rest.

Someone I know is getting married and I just heard about it last week. I wanted to get her a little gift, and as she is a fan of Harry Potter and the Moomins, I decided to make her some mug rugs and get her some Moomin tea bags, as I'm sure she has several Moomin mugs already. I had seen some great paper pieced Harry Potter blocks on Terri's blog, and she always linked them to Fandom In Stitches.

There I picked the easiest patterns and managed to make a Hogwarts Robe, the Golden Snitch, Sorting Hat and the Cauldron. For the backing I used my yellow Moomin fabric so she can use that side with her Moomin mugs.


  1. Cute paperdolls and I remember the Moomins because my GD fell in love with them when my DD andfamily visited your country a few years ago and Zoe bought home the books..
    fabulous PPing too

  2. Love the paperdolls, Ulla. But I especially love the HP mug rugs. Good work!

  3. Beautiful paper doll quilt!! looks like you are having fun again and that is good :-)
    Thanks for stopping at my blogg!

  4. You make the best quilts from recycles fabrics. Your paper dolls are darling. I love the dark background. I'm delving into apple season too -- applesauce and muffins so far. More treats on the way. What a fun gift for the lucky "getting married" lady.

  5. Mikä ihana paperinukkepeitto tulossa, ihana!


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