Sunday, 2 September 2018

End of Summer

Two weeks and more have passed without a blog post, but it doesn't mean I have been idle (all that time). First I made some new bibs and used up some leftover bias tapes.

Then I knitted a bear cub beanie but it turned out to be newborn size and not grandchild size.

I finished the luxury yarn scarf I was struggling with last time. No big unraveling was needed

and I even figured out how to make the lace edge wider to use up all my yarn.

This is the same pattern I used for my beige scarf last year. this time I used bigger needles and the yarn was little heavier too, but both are from one 100 g skein.

In my enthusiasm for lace knitting I decided to use one of my daughter's leftover yarns. The curly skein on the left in front of the green yarn used to be a tightly crocheted wrist warmer. She didn't want me to crochet her a pair for it with the ball of unused yarn, so I washed the curly yarn and it straightened perfectly.

I knitted a cowl in the same lace pattern I used for the Kidsilk Mohair shawl this Summer.

The 3D effect disappeared totally when I damp stretched this one, and it grew in length too, but I just wrap it one more time around my neck or let it hang more.

It is time to replace the Summer flowers with Chrysanthemums. The cooler Autumn air feels SO refreshing after a too hot Summer.


  1. Love the blue version better... more color. Both scarves are beautiful. I've never knit a lacy pattern. I don't think I could anymore, can't concentrate as well as I could when young. Thanks for the pretty pictures, especially your flowers.

  2. The scarves look lovely. Too bad about the child's hat but I'm sure some child will love it. When I kept seeing chrysanthemums in the stores I thought it was too early - but I guess not. Your colours are lovely. Most of ours are yellow, orange or red. I'd love to have some pink ones.

  3. I'm so far behind in catching up with blog reading. You've been so productive and you always make beautiful yarn projects. The colors are lovely too. Those chrysanthemums are very vibrant. A nice burst of bright color before the sky turns grey.


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