Wednesday 26 September 2018

Knitted beanies and pompoms

I had some pink yarn left and some white, and this funny pattern had been on my mind for a long time, so I tried the pattern. It required a pompom on top, so I made one.

With still some yarns left, I made another baby beanie, with a pompom. That used up all the pink yarn.

A small ball of multi coloured yarn with the white made another beanie.

Two rest balls of bright red and some more white, and a peppermint beanie was born. I used the last meters of the red for the pompom.

Red and white are also the toadstools popping up all over our lawn.

Leaves are turning red and yellow, Autumn is definitely here. We have had mornings with just one plus degree. The garden furniture has been stored away. This week we had the first little fires in the fireplace, starting slowly to warm the big mass of bricks.


  1. Oh how cute are all the beanies but the first one is extra cute..
    Sew nice to have those pretty Toadstools pop up.
    Lovely Autumn colours.....

  2. Beautiful beanies but I like the swirly pink and white one the most

  3. Sweet beanies, I love the top one :-)
    We had our cuppa outside this morning, but it is not as warm as it has been. They are promising us little more warmer weather later in the week, so we shall see, but I think we have to get use to putting heating on inside now.


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