Monday 18 May 2020

Dolls' news and new dolls

Earlier this year my young friend Arthur in England asked me for a pattern for a knapsack so he could have one made for his own Dick Callum doll. He has seen this one I made for the Dick doll I made almost ten years ago.

It was easier for me to make the knapsack (and make notes for making one more later, if needed). I made a T-shirt and shorts for him as well.

And as Arthur and his team are making a Dot Callum doll as well, I made a bag and a set of shorts and a blouse for her. Now they will be well equipped for their adventures as Picts and Martyrs with the Amazons.

My imagination has been running wild with ideas of other literary dolls, and today I finished the last details of this new pair, again a brother and sister.

They are Eemeli and Iida Nieminen (or Emil and Ida Svensson) from Astrid Lindgren's children's novels of Lönneberga. Emil has round blue eyes, round red cheeks and beautiful fair hair, and he was always wearing his "rather ugly cap".

The little sister Ida also has round blue eyes and round rosy cheeks, and her fair hair is neatly plaited. She is very well behaved, and wears a apron to keep her red frock clean. I made the apron reversible so she can wear the clean white side out on Sundays.

I really like the apron!

I hope they will find a family where they can live an adventurous life.


  1. Lovely clothes ,backpack and bag for Dick and Dot...
    Your new brother and sister dolls ate gorgeous in their beautiful outfits too.

  2. Eemeli ja Ida ovat ihan näköisiä.
    Missä pössykkä? Pössykkä jo on. :o)

  3. What adorable little outfits and I love the all the dolls. You are a genius for making your own patterns - especially that knapsack. Well done.

  4. Ihan ovat esikuviensa oloiset, söpöjäkin.


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