Sunday, 31 May 2020

Finishes in May

When working on the Emil and Ida dolls, I started this doll for one of my grand nieces.

She has a nightgown made of the remains of one that her grandmother or I have had when we were little.

I made her a quilt so the new little mom can put her to bed too.

She has now arrived in Germany and her new home. Dolls are allowed to travel unaccompanied by mail. My sister has organized adoptions for over 20 of my dolls there. The German Unicef doesn't have the fabric dolls on their fundraising program.

My bed socks have been worn very thin over the years so I knitted a new pair with a free pattern I found on some blog I can't find again. The rest of this pink yarn with the rests from other pink socks I have knitted this season were just enough for the other pair where I added two rest balls of white.

Three dolls with clothes, a doll's quilt and two pairs of socks. I must have sewn some fabric masks as well, at least these on the upside down photo.


  1. Emil and Ida will be happy on their new home with a cute quilt...
    Lovely new socks and great to use up bits of yarn.

  2. Onko Villa Cooperilla mitään kivaa lauantaina 13.6.? Siis julkineulontaa tms.?


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