Tuesday, 16 June 2020

The Swallows at the Library

Finally from the 1st of June the libraries have opened again. The Swallows have taken over the vitrine at our local library. 

John is here with the Swallow's flag Titty made, and Roger is learning to signal with his new semaphore flags. He still has to look up the signs from the sheet of paper in front of him.

Titty and Susan are here, showing some of their clothes and their flower blanket. Their quilts are still at the quilt show at the Villa Cooper which had not opened yet by the time this was put up.

On the bottom shelf are all the Swallows and Amazons books.

The only two translations are here, showing the map of the lake and Wildcat Island. The yellow brochure at the bottom of this photo is about the Unicef dolls.

No Swallows without their friends. Some photos of Dot and Dick had to be there, if only to show the fun one can have with simple fabric dolls.

To fill the space available I took my two other literary dolls, Emil and Ida Svensson along. The Finnish readers will easily recognize them, as Astrid Lindgren's books for children are very popular here, and have been for decades.


  1. A beautiful display of all the gorgeous dolls, they have a lovely flower blanket to display the clothes on....

  2. Onpa ihanan näköisiä nukkeja, ihanasti esillä!

    1. Kiitos, oli hauska leikkiä lavastajaa!


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