Saturday, 23 January 2021


New home, old mess. I'm trying to organize my crafty things in some way that makes sense, and the basic idea is to have just one address for each category of hoarded material. Like the quilt backing fabrics in this cupboard:

Embroidery floss kept popping up in different project bags, shoe boxes, and pouches and bags with my mother's unfinished projects. I had no idea how much of that stuff I had, and what colours. Now I'm working my way from this mess

towards something in this direction:

One way to help with the organizing problems is naturally reducing the amount of material to organize. Using up yarn rests is my favourite method.

Still some light grey yarn left, so I started knitting this pair in a smaller size. I ended in a vicious circle and had to buy more light grey...

... and so there was yarn left and therefore I had to knit these mittens to go with the Little Knight  hat for our grandson. The pattern is for a newborn baby, I just used heavier yarn and more stitches.



  1. I love all your knitted projects. There is a shoe box of embroidery floss waiting for me to sort out. That fabric cupboard is ideal. It looks so easy to see exactly what you have. Will you finish your mother's unfinished projects?

  2. Yes, sorting is an every day challenge, and the best way to win is to use up material. Nice projects and well done job on the sorting.


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