Thursday, 22 January 2009

New treasures

Today I finally get a chance to show you the loveliness I received from my dear friend Karen from UK. My daughter Kaija went to London in December, did some shopping I'll envy forever (but she bought adorable things for me, too), and met Karen in real life. Karen sent me these pieces she has made. The first one I was allowed to open immediately:

You may have seen this work in progress on Karen's blog. Once again, she has hidden the long text quotation by cutting it up and sewing back together. There is also some machine embroidery on paper, and the eyes on the edge. I will have the piece framed and hang it with the two other works by Karen on my wall.

The present for Christmas was this collection of silk puffs with embroidery. They need to be touched (but wash your hands first!), and I'm looking for a suitable glass jar where I can keep them safe but still be able to enjoy the look of them.

On Monday I was in Helsinki to see a knee doctor; I hurt my knee in September when I was walking for the pink ribbon and overdid it a bit. Good news and bad news: there is nothing they can do before it is time for a total knee replacement, but the time is not yet. I'm thinking of having a knee like the fashion models have, you know, narrower than the parts below and above it, smooth and elegant. I'm sure they only give me metal parts in my own surface material :-( . Well, it will go better with my other thick knee! Anyway, to make the most of the trip I went to two fabric shops. This is what can show of my new fabrics:

I'm planning to make a big bag for my cutting mat and ruler (I bought a new ruler with inch measures!) and the projects I'm carrying to the sewing group, so I bought the sewing prints. The dark background fabric and the striped brown fabric may come to use for my Time for Tea Swap project. I bought two other fabrics I will not show before the swap is made public.

This last fabric is heavy cotton, marked as "trouser fabrics", 20 €/kg. I'm not even tempted to make trousers of it, but I'm thinking of shopping bags for the spring and summer. I just may have in my stash the perfect dark olive green to be used for the bottom, and maybe some pink for the lining at least.


  1. Wow.. I love that trouser fabric! Or a pair of walking shorts.. to show your lovely knees. :-)

    Fun fabrics! i have some on order for the tea Swap.. can not WAIT to get them so I can get started!

    Those things from Karen are beautiful. She is the most unique artist.

  2. What lovely sewing themed fabrics! I've been working on the swap too. (More doings on it today).

    Lovely presents- I like those little ball shapes- they'd look a little like old fashioned sweets in a jar. Cute and a good idea!


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