Friday, 23 January 2009

Stars and prints

Last night I was in my sewing group again. This time I took my own needles and my presser foot with the 1/4" lines along; luckily they too have Husqvarna sewing machines at the school! I saw this tutorial on Belinda's blog some time ago, when I was lurking around all the Tea Swappers' blogs. I think this star is cute, and the tutorial shows a very easy way to make them. I don't cut my star point bits at all before sewing them, because I use very small scraps here. My squares are 2½", a little bigger than Belinda's. This will be my fun project I can always take on when I don't get my other things done.

Yesterday was a nice day to be outdoors, we had just a little new snow. The animals had left their marks on the white surface. Here are some little bird's footprints, the dark things are sunflower seeds or their hulls from the tray hanging above. The birds we most often see here are the great tit, blue tit and green finch. The squirrels drop a lot when they eat there, and birds can come and eat on the ground at the same time. Sometimes they change places.

Here are the squirrel's prints at the feeding place.

A hare lives also in the forest around our house. Its footprints are easy to recognise:

This little fellow is having a hard time in winter.

It is the mouse. He hides in the snow, making tunnels.

And this is why the mouse wants to hide:

Some neighbour's cat always keeps coming to our yard, peeing in the corners and pooing in the sand under our kitchen steps. The least the cat should do is keep the mice and moles away!

Today there is no sign of these footsteps left. Last night it snowed over 10 cm or 4". I spent almost two hours pushing the snow away from the easy parts of the driveway. I only do the parts where I don't have to push up any slopes to get the snow out of the way. My only responsibility is the front door steps and the path to that door, but I did some more because the weather was good and my one hour's work brings DH home half an hour earlier. Which, I hear, is right now, so I will go and make us a well deserved, nice cup of tea.


  1. i just love the blue plaids made into stars.

  2. Lovely starquilt you are making Ulla. And the footsteeps in the snow is so cute!!

  3. Love the wacky cut stars Ulla, very interesting! Linked over from Eileen's blog. Animal prints in the snow are so fun to follow, unless of course they were made by something bigger than ones' self! :-D Best, Ani

  4. I bet you felt a little like a detective following the prints. :-) We only found out about an elderly rat taking food from the hen house by his footprints. We then kept a careful watch and saw him. It's amazing what you can discover.

    Did you hear about black squirrels are set to dominate over grey squirrels?

    I love what you have done with Belinda's star idea. They look like such fun to make.

  5. I love stars and yours are beautiful! I bet you are having a lot fun sewing them! The pictures of so many feet prints are great, you still have so much snow! Ours is gone!...Hope both of you enjoyed the nice cup of tea!

  6. One of the best things about our trip was that it snowed twice! I hadn't walked in actual falling snow for about 15 years...loved it!

    I've tagged you...hope you will play :-) details on my blog


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