Tuesday 13 January 2009

Trying to get started again

Last week we had frosty days like this, a beautiful sunset at 4 p.m. in Järvenpää, the sun setting behind the lake:

Since then the weather has been cloudy and dull and too warm, and all our snow has melted away. The days have been too dark to make any photos, and my energy has been hiding so there is not much sewing to report either.

This morning I took my big scissors and started cutting some plaid shirts I had bought from a charity shop. Our living room floor looks like this when I work there:

I took all these bits in the bin after taking this photo and swept the floor clean. The cutting is a first step of a new quilt I'm planning to make from the Mad about Plaid book I have shown earlier. I still need to go through all my plastic bags, and organized stash, and unorganized stash, and Mr. Kotkarankki's clothes (the worn-out ones!) to find all the necessary dark, medium and light plaids needed for the quilt. And maybe visit another charity shop for more shades. Then there will be a lot of cutting to do. And really many buttons! I may have to think where I could use all the buttons I cut from the shirts; there are usually 10-12 normal size buttons and often 2-5 tiny ones, if there are buttons on the collars and the cuffs.

Soon I will also be starting a tea related project for the Time for Tea Swap hosted by Stephanie, but that will be a secret project because the swap is secret, too. The swap is by invitation only, but there are some great links to free patterns for anyone, if you want to sew or knit something tea related for yourself.


  1. That sunset truly is breathtaking. Too bad it wasn't 9pm instead of 4pm. I know just what you mean aobut the weather and moods. But it is a good time to make use of old shirts. There has to be some good ideas for shirt buttons. I bet someone gives you some. :-)

  2. Have a good time, hoppas att du mår bra och kommer igång med spännande projekt.

  3. hello from yr sister linda in tucson . i love your blog. and i miss you all. i wish it had pictures of the fa;mily...maybe in yr older pages. i will look next. i am really into crafting===but i don't have a blog. but i have email at lindaazbob@yahoo.com, love to hear from you. lots of love to you all!

  4. What a sunset! But I know one feels a bit depressed with less day light. But you have a good solution against that: a new quilt! Mad about plaid, I can hardly wait to see part of it!

  5. wish I had known of the immediate need... plaid shirts just went to the driftshop of the church. But there are more waiting for their turn so watch out for them!



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