Tuesday 20 January 2009

Lacy stories

I promised some of you to show some bobbin lace after I showed great aunty Saima's lace book on Vintage Thingies Thursday. This lace is also called bone lace, pillow lace, Honiton lace and Chantilly lace according to my little Glossary of Arts and Crafts. This is the tail of my wedding dress:

My mother made the dress using some old machine made bobbin lace. For the next photo I inserted some tan fabric to show the lace better. The lace goes like this on the back too.

It was a long bit of lace! Even the cuffs are made of the same lace.

For the veil we used tatted lace made by dear great aunt Saima. I can say "we" here, because I sewed the lace on the veil! Tatted lace is made with a small shuttle kind of a tool and looks rather different.

And finally some hand-made bobbin lace. My mother-in-law was also a very talented craftswoman, and she made this runner for me. The middle part is made separately, and the surrounding edge is all in one piece, going around the corners. You can hardly see the seam (well, you can't see it, because it happens to be at the other end!). The thread is unbleached linen.

This is another table runner she made for me. White linen fabric, stitched in white pearl cotton, and the lace white linen thread, again with built-in corners. She also made some runners using silk thread, but I think linen is more suitable for this technique.


  1. Very beautiful Ulla. I had heard of tatting but was fuzzy about what it was compared to normal lace making. What a lovely wedding dress. I love how the lace is all the same.

    What a talented Mother in Law. Those must've taken her hours to make. She must've been fond of you.

  2. Simply beautiful. You must have been a gorgeous bride for sure. You have a very talented family.

  3. Ulla, what absolutely beautiful lace and a lovely memory in your dress, not only your wedding day but the family who helped in it's making.

  4. Thank you for showing little peeks ofyour wedding dress. I can almost picture the whole thing.. on you! :-)
    I make tatting too.. so I know how long it takes.. to put it all around a veil is a LOT of hours of work.. to make the lace and to sew it.


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